Anaisha Jain, Class 10, JBCN International School (Borivali), Mumbai

The ivory feathers trailed behind me, their dense weight pulling me from side-to-side. The grass seemed to tickle with excitement as well, brushing against my feet with vehement longing. Zephryus sweetly wrapped me around his arms-welcoming me like a long lost son- as his breath dulcetly swept through my hair, entangling my already knotted curls. Faint crashes of the waves greeted me, almost inviting me in, and the bars of the cliff seemed to slowly lift. The smell of honeyed freedom filled the winds of Crete, as I put on the wings. I was ready to be free, ready to fly, ready to embody the greatness I was told to have.

One plunge. The wings soared to life, my feet elevated from the ground, and the tips of the grass now brushed gingerly against my skin. I careened my way around, the waves seem to be long forgotten, and I sneered at their naivety. The winds now greeted me, Zephryus invited me to his home, as I looked down at the world I left.

Second plunge. Butterflies erupted in my stomach, transmogrifying me from the mere son of Daedalus to the vagabond of the skies. The feathers fluttered around me, their sheer strength disbalancing me. I floated around the sapphire plane, the world under me shrinked, rooted to the earth, only imagining to achieve a feat like this. Apollo shone on my skin, his golden rays lighting my olive skin, as he urged me to come closer to him. He offered a seat next to his shrine, a place of gods, and I raced to it.

Third plunge. The taste of Ichor amongst the lips of mortals came nowhere close to the ecstasy of flying. I gaped at the world beneath me, breath-taken by the cacophony of colours, that was the island Crete. I looked above, and Apollo stood there, his phosphorescence aura radiating to me, as he reached out his hand to caress me in his arms.

Soft drops of liquid suddenly seeped languidly around my body, smothering my skin in its wake. I looked to see the wax of my wings drip imperceptibly from the heat of the sun. I took one last look at the Sun God and plummeted towards the earth. The wind roared at my impact, hoping to mollify the fall that was imminently coming. The hot wax scorched my skin, as I relished in its pain. I looked above at the spiral of blue flashing amongst my eyes. A burst of laughter erupted from me, as the waves of wind intertwined with my hands. I bared my teeth towards the sky, hoping to catch a last taste of freedom.


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