Yashi Goswami, Class 10, Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road, Ghaziabad

Humans Are Everywhere

Humans Are Everywhere

The paths where once no steps had passed, 
now await some rest, 
The valleys, that once had the most delicate flowers, 
are now weighed down with houses for guest, 
The longest of the trees which had layers of thick canopies, 
Are now cut down for building up towns and cities, 
The sky which used to be clear years ago,
with bright shining stars, 
Are now fill with layers of chemicals, bizarre,
Humans are everywhere! 
The deep oceans and seas, 
where once the marine life flourished, 
Are now full of junk, 
all the treasure of nature being damaged,
The mountains which were once covered with either trees or snow, 
Have now become trash cans for humans, 
quite a few years ago, 
Humans are everywhere!
It might be such a big surprise,
to find a place where no humans have been traced,
It’s a pity to not even realise, 
how we are now being a disgrace, 
To the family called Earth, 
to our gifting nature, It’s high time now; 
we better realise we are being a self-threat, really major,
It’s the earth we are playing with, not a small deal, 
It’s all real, not happening in a movie or on reel,
Let’s work for the betterment of our home, the earth,
Better late than never, let’s understand it’s worth, 
Otherwise the era would be possibly near,
In which “Humans will be nowhere!”


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