It has been an honour to receive such exceptional entries for the inaugural edition of the all-new RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards (RBSA). Our readers’ remarkable journeys and accomplishments as individuals showcase their resilience, creativity and dedication in pursuit of diverse passions and noble causes.

Our winners represent all areas of interest and accomplishment—one of our Bright Sparks has been advocating for sustainability in fashion; another has empowered acid attack survivors; there are those who have excelled in sports and academics and still others who have made impactful strides as entrepreneurs, environmentalists and performers.

Each child exemplifies the power of determination and the potential to effect positive change in the world. While it wasn’t possible to reward all the children who made it to the final cut, we honour and applaud each one of them. Every inspiring young individual who wrote to us, every story, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. You are the future of a new India and we wish you more power and success in your endeavours.

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Please Note: RobinAge will contact the winners in the coming weeks and prizes will be dispatched thereafter. Honourable mentions will receive a certificate, which will be sent in the coming weeks. 


Nysa Doshi, Class 2, Podar International School (IB), Mumbai

Bright Sparks Awards 2023

Meet Nysa Doshi, a seven-year-old author and entrepreneur whose journey to success started when she was just five years old. Nysa is a self-taught hula hooper and her perseverance and resolve are evident in the fact that she picked up the skill in just four days. Her love of hula hooping inspired her to break the world record for the fastest spinning hula hooper in just one minute—quite an accomplishment for a young person.

Motivated by her achievements, Nysa started a new journey—teaching. Nysa began with a small group of students from her community, but her contagious energy and skill as a teacher soon attracted more. Though some were sceptical, Nysa disproved her critics by seeing her students thriving under her tutelage, taking home awards and building self-confidence.

Today, with over 200 students and two other trainers who were also formerly her students, Nysa runs a successful hula hoop academy called Nysa Huletics. Nysa balances classes and school with unwavering dedication, travelling all over Mumbai to share her knowledge and delight with eager students.

In addition to running her academy, Nysa is an avid writer; she is the author of three books— ‘The Zooming Rocket’, ‘Power of Practise’ and ‘Cute Stories with Moral’. Nysa has encountered many obstacles in her journey, from other’s lack of belief in her skills to more practical difficulties, but she has persevered in her mission to use hula hooping to empower people and spread happiness and health. By sharing her successes, Nysa wants to encourage people to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams. She is an inspiration to everyone who meets her and reflects a spirit of contagious optimism and unwavering determination.

Tiya Chaturvedi, Class 1, Prakriti Montessori House of Children, Bengaluru

Bright Sparks Awards 2023

Six-year-old Tiya Chaturvedi loves music. She has always been captivated by the melodies of classical music, particularly Hindi classical tunes. The enchanting realm of music is where she feels she expresses herself best and makes people happy.

Tiya is young, but she can already play three different instruments—the keyboard, sitar and harmonium. Through many hours of practice and unwavering determination, her musical journey has been exciting and educational. She experiments with new melodies and approaches every day in an effort to advance and develop as a musician.

Having already made two appearances on stage, Tiya claims that she can sense the energy change in the room when she performs, regardless of the size of the audience. People applaud, smile and some even join in on her songs. Tiya feels that music brings people together, and during those brief exchanges, everything else fades. She finds the greatest joy in knowing that she can make people happy simply by doing what she loves.

To Tiya, being a Bright Spark means beaming with joy and illuminating everyone she meets. She has learned important lessons from music about tenacity, devotion and the strength of melody in unison. Her path has involved not only finding personal fulfilment, but also encouraging people around her to follow their own ambitions without letting age hold them back. Through this journey, she has also learned that anything is achievable with enough effort.

Tiya is appreciative of every challenge she has faced, every insight she has gained and every individual whose life she has impacted.  She has lofty goals and an unwavering love of music and she can’t wait to see where her musical journey will lead her. Until then, Tiya intends to keep using music’s power to spread joy and have a positive influence on the world.

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Kiyansh Abhijit Shaha, Class 4, Vidyashilp Academy, Bengaluru

Kiyansh Abhijit Shaha is a young person of remarkable intelligence and curiosity who has a deep interest in the environment and the natural world. At nine years old, he started a special journey on his YouTube channel, called ‘Tree Talk with Kiyansh’, to help kids get more connected to the natural world, especially trees. He committed himself to researching and filming six common trees in Bengaluru with the help of his parents, making a movie about each one. He also made a few more films featuring fascinating trees, including some of Bengaluru’s oldest trees and trees that bloom profusely in the summer.

Kiyansh spent that year investigating the lives of the banyan, peepal, tamarind, gulmohar, jamun and pink pois trees on the weekends, taking a complete break from screens and controllers. He travelled to various places and noted the development, evolution and distinctive features of the trees. He painstakingly recorded his discoveries and disseminated them via entertaining and educational videos on his YouTube channel. Through his videos, Kiyansh wanted to make trees relatable and engaging for kids who are frequently engrossed in technology. His videos reveal intriguing details about trees, like the reason why the epiphyte banyan grows on other trees, sleeping tamarind leaves and the marriage of the peepal and neem trees at Ashwath Katte, Karnataka.

Kiyansh’s initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response. His videos were warmly received by his school and social circle, igniting discussions and increasing public awareness about the value of trees in urban settings. Many children have been motivated to grow in environmental consciousness and have a greater appreciation for nature thanks to Kiyansh’s passion and inventiveness.

Kiyansh is a self-driven person. Through his tree exploration project, he has gained invaluable knowledge about storytelling, patience, persistence and consistency. In addition to improving his own life, his love of trees and the outdoors has encouraged others to re-establish a connection with the natural world.

Kiyansh’s journey serves as a testament to the ability to positively impact the world through curiosity, creativity and perseverance. He has turned trees into superheroes and he hopes to encourage even more children to become ardent supporters of nature conservation by spreading his love of trees and the environment.

Veeya A Shah, Class 3, The Green Acres Academy, Chembur, Mumbai

Veeya is a bright and gifted youngster who has excelled in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and coding. This, coupled with her love of reading and involvement in the community, make her stand out as a genuine Bright Spark.

Veeya has excelled in rhythmic gymnastics since she was a young child, showing incredible talent and commitment. Among the many honours she has received are several gold medals from interschool competitions and district championships. Along the way, she has persisted in the face of obstacles and disappointments, picking up important skills like patience and focus in the process.

She has also performed on stage and received praise for her ballet skills at the Great Indian Ballet Competition. Her artistic sensibility and dedication to excellence are reflected in her ability to express herself through dance.

Veeya has proven her abilities in the field of coding by placing second in the Regional Championship. Her technical expertise and creative thinking demonstrate her potential for success in the rapidly changing technology industry.

In addition to her personal accomplishments, Veeya has demonstrated leadership and concern for community by arranging a book exchange fair in her building.

Veeya hopes to showcase her talent on a worldwide platform by representing India in rhythmic gymnastics at the international level.   And thanks to her tenacity, fortitude and the support of her loved ones, Veeya is well-positioned to reach even higher goals.

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Aarav Trivedi, Class 7, Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Aarav Trivedi has succeeded in becoming a gifted writer with a strong ability to communicate through language, poetry and storytelling despite having to deal with the particular difficulties brought on by autism. 

Though it came to him late in life, language became a tool he could wield powerfully. At nine years old, Aarav started writing stories and won an award for his first story, ‘My Magical Chair’, in a competition organised by his school. His initial achievements gave him confidence and motivation, encouraging him to delve deeper into the realm of creativity and imagination. 

His first book, ‘Window to My World’, takes readers on a revealing and enlightening journey through his experiences by providing a window into his distinct viewpoint. In his upcoming book, ‘Jolly the Giraffe’, Aarav tells a heartwarming story of emotional fortitude and draws comparisons between his protagonist’s and his own experiences. 

Aarav’s literary pursuits go beyond the pages of his books; periodicals like RobinAge and online publishing platforms like Zoomarang and Bribooks have published his poems and stories. He invites readers to see the world through his eyes and works to promote empathy and understanding. 

Aarav and his family have faced many obstacles and misunderstandings as they navigate life with autism. With resilience and determination, they have overcome these obstacles, ranging from societal expectations to breakdowns in communication. With the help of his loving parents, committed instructors and mentors, Aarav has thrived as an author, shattering stereotypes and pushing for increased acceptance and inclusivity. Institutions such as the Helen O’Grady drama group have also been instrumental in fostering his ability and giving him a voice. 

Through his accomplishments, Aarav hopes to question social norms and advance the idea that people with autism are equal and deserving of acceptance. In this effort to lessen stigma and promote a society that is more compassionate, he promotes greater inclusion in communities and schools. 

Arnav Khandelwal, Class 7, Pathways World School, Gurugram

Arnav Khandelwal’s well-rounded personality has been greatly enhanced by his participation in a range of extracurricular activities, including Model United Nations conferences, debates, tennis tournaments, fellowships and Youth Action Funding programmes run by the International Baccalaureate. His accomplishments also include victories in academic contests, such as the International French Competition and the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC 8). Notably, he outperformed 20,000 competitors to secure the second national rank in the renowned Innoventure competition. He is currently focussing his creativity and intellect on a start-up business, several projects related to sustainability and gaming and a professional certificate in chemistry that he is obtaining from Duke University via Coursera.

Away from the classroom, Arnav finds excitement and comfort in cooking and is thinking about competing in culinary contests in the future. He is an active member of the Astronomy Club and the Science and Leadership Council at his school. His admission to Level 2 of the Junior Mathematics Talent (JMT) programme, out of a group of 400 students, speaks highly of his aptitude for mathematics. He has also finished courses on Udemy and performed exceptionally well in the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Olympiads.

As he considers his accomplishments, Arnav pinpoints important lessons he has learned. Notably, he stresses the value of taking risks, effective communication, user-centric design and the ability to collaborate and learn from one’s mistakes.  He feels that adaptability is a critical ability that has allowed him to overcome obstacles and tenaciously pursue his goals. With this mindset, he remains poised to conquer new horizons and make a lasting impact.

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Isabel Shiju, Class 9, National Public School, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

The Selfless.Network project, led by the dynamic Isabel Shiju, aims to change policies, form partnerships and advocate for sustainable fashion. Isabel was able to present her project at the United Nations Headquarters after it was recognised at the UN Activate Impact Summit 2023, which was hosted by the 1M1B initiative. Isabel’s social impact project was one of the top 15 contenders out of 45 projects that were displayed.

Isabel took action after realising how drastically the fashion industry was affecting the environment. She advocated for reducing clothing consumption by using social media, conferences and presentations, reaching about 12,500 people in the process. Additionally, Selfless. Network collaborated with neighbourhood tailors to turn used denim jeans into aprons for street vendors and tote bags and launched a peer-to-peer donation platform that benefits 550 underprivileged children.

Isabel believes that awareness through the 3R framework–Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose–will definitely have an impact. Isabel has also created a ‘Unified Sustainability Tag’ through a campaign after realising how unclear the sustainability claims on clothing tags are. This tag will include details about production, composition, raw material source, sustainability and a net colour score. It will also exclude tags that contain inconsistent information. She is interacting with the Ministry of Textiles and Energy to push for its implementation, having gathered over 2,500 signatures.

As she considers her journey, Isabel recognises important lessons she has learned along the way. Her efforts have helped her recognise the significance of making the initial move and starting an action. They have also taught her to get over shyness and seize chances with courage, which results in productive interactions with stakeholders and brands. Last but not least, she has learnt to innovate through pain point identification, as demonstrated by the Unified Sustainability Tag campaign.

Isabel is driven to bring about positive change in the fashion industry by her love of fashion and her dedication to sustainability and looks forward to a time when ethical, sustainable and beautiful fashion prevails.

Parthivi Bhatia, Class 9, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Parthivi Bhatia is an enthusiastic and hardworking student who is devoted to changing the world for the better. Her path to activism and social advocacy began in class 6, when she discovered her calling in promoting a number of causes near and dear to her—organ donation, the LGBTQ community, the intellectually and physically challenged, the educational rights of the underprivileged and the prevention of acid attacks. She has devoted her time to advancing social justice, encouraging inclusivity and aiding marginalised communities over the years. 

Parthivi’s important role as the school’s vice president, which she used to further her Flawless Flaws campaign, is at the forefront of her endeavours. This campaign, which is devoted to supporting victims of acid attacks, offers hope and empowerment to people who have faced unspeakable trauma. Parthivi works tirelessly to dispel stigmas, increase public awareness and give acid attack survivors the tools they need to succeed. 

Parthivi’s love of acting has given her one of the most significant platforms to raise awareness on the issue of acid attacks. Through her and her team’s captivating performances in plays and nukkad nataks, they have inspired positive change, meaningful conversations and empathy. Their play, ‘Acid Attack’, was even invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan where the character she was portraying was seated in the audience right in front of her, allowing the audience to reflect deeply and feel the raw emotions of an acid attack survivor’s experiences. 

Parthivi’s efforts have had real impacts on lives, leading to the creation of job opportunities for acid attack survivors in the hospitality industry at The Lalit, New Delhi, and the Lemon Tree, Bengaluru. In addition, Parthivi has spearheaded significant programmes to assist victims of acid attacks, such as cultural festivals and podcasts. Her initiatives to educate and empower communities include #stopacidsale and Project Aalok, which she runs in partnership with the Atijeevan Foundation. In fact, President Draupadi Murmu attended the event at the Rashtrapati Bhavan where Parthivi’s team was invited by the Atijeevan Foundation to perform their play. 

Parthivi is also a gifted writer who uses her writing to explore and promote mental health issues. Her moving poems have touched many people, giving those who might feel ignored a voice and providing comfort and encouragement. Additionally, she has given her time and energy to a number of school clubs and events, such as the Student Council and the Interact Club, and has actively participated in programmes like ‘Sehpaathi’, which aims to educate underprivileged students. 

Parthivi’s comprehension of bravery and resilience has been enhanced by her close work with acid attack survivors. She has also improved her soft communication and interviewing abilities. Her experiences with survivors and her support of their rights have profoundly shaped her sense of purpose and empathy, leaving an enduring impression on her. 

While Parthivi has encountered doubt and faced many obstacles along the road, she is unwavering in her dedication to her cause.   Parthivi is adamant that every tiny action made to raise awareness and push for reform advances the larger objective of building a society that is more compassionate, inclusive and egalitarian. You can follow her campaign’s journey on Instagram at Flawlessfflaws. 

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  • Ridhaan Sundeep Karnik, Class 1, The Somaiya School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Football prodigy with an impressive track record of tournament victories at the district, state and national levels; recently dominated the DPDL tournament in Mumbai as the leading goal scorer in the under-7 age category.
  • Siddarth, Class 1, St. Joseph’s College, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
    Achievement: Embraced running with his ultra-marathoner father, conquered challenges, inspired others to run and fostered a love for fitness that extends beyond medals.
  • Aadhya Jain, Class 1,  Suncity School, Sector 37 D, Gurugram
    Achievement: Remarkable journey in figure-skating starting at the age of three, exemplifying the power of early passion, consistent dedication, nurtured talent, fun-filled skill development and setting achievable goals.
  • Vihaan Ajmera, Class 1, JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai
    Achievement: Excellence in football, swimming and academics.

  • Yash Singhal, Class 2, Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
    Achievement: Exceptional academic prowess, natural curiosity and dedication.
  • Ivaan Serene Baranwal, Class 2, DPS International, New Delhi
    Achievement: Fluency in multiple languages, awareness of international affairs, academic prowess and compassion through acts of kindness towards animals.
  • Aaira Gujrati, Class 2, Ramniwas Bajaj English High School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Seamlessly blending dance and hula hoop artistry, showcasing her energy and talent to claim competition victories.
  • Esha Karthik, Class 2, VIBGYOR High School Horamavu, ICSE School, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Budding farmer, YouTube content creator spreading awareness about farming, swimming champion with aspirations for the Olympics and a two-time champion in International Math and General Knowledge Olympiads.
  • Ruman Agwan, Class 2, Thakur Public School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Achieved IBR and ABR medals for reciting numbers up to googleplex, Asia Book of Records’ Grand Master title holder, Level 2 green belt in karate, winner of gold trophies in handwriting and storytelling competitions, multiple gold medals in Olympiads and certifications from SDRO and Hope International World Record.
  • Kavira Kaur Virdi, Class 2, Pawar Public School, Kandivali West, Mumbai
    Clinched consecutive gold medals in Taekwondo at the district and state levels, secured a spot in the Zonal Championship in South Korea and earned recognition as the youngest torchbearer at her school’s Annual Sports Day.

  • Vivaan Kapoor, Class 2, Kothari International School, Noida
    Achievement: Actively contributed to the community through tree planting initiatives, supporting campaigns like ‘Say No to Plastic’, blood donation and authoring the book, ‘The Little Sparrow’.
  • Zen Antia, Class 2, Oberoi International School, JVLR Campus, Mumbai
    Achievement: A passion for art that has taught her patience, perseverance and courage.
  • Tanush Tambat, Class 2, Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School,Thane
    Achievement:   Secured numerous gold medals and international ranks in multiple Olympiads, excelled in classical music and demonstrated talent in gymnastics and keyboard.

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  • Rinisha Agarwal, Class 3, Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata
    Achievement: International recognition in English Olympiad, consecutive awards for poetry, including prestigious accolades like the Gold Award in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.
  • Amaira Kapur, Class 3, Suncity School, Sector 37 D, Gurugram
    Achievement: Award-winning swimmer.

  • Shrinika Reddi, Class 3, Vibgyor High with Goldenbee Global, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Accomplished all-rounder excelling in Bharatanatyam, art, Carnatic music and academics.

  • Swarnim Srivastava, Class 3, Suncity School, Sector 37 D, Gurugram
    Achievement: Singer and musician who plays the bongo and piano with accolades from the Trinity College with Merit.
  • Kyra Mehta, Class 3, Shishuvan School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Multifaceted pursuits, embracing hard work, attention to detail and resilience.
  • Mayra Sehgal, Class 3, Suncity School, Sector 37 D, Gurugram
    Achievement: Commitment to social and environmental causes, including planting trees and uplifting underprivileged children through initiatives like distributing food and clothes.
  • Shanaya Raval, Class 3, Anand Niketan Sughad, Ahmedabad
    Achievement: Academic excellence, sports achievements and active participation in extracurricular activities, gold medals in International Olympiads, success in badminton tournaments and recognition for artistic talents.
  • Vanya Puri, Class 3, JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai
    Achievement: Helped empower a community helper by teaching basic counting and addition, giving the worker confidence and awareness about education; inspired positive change within her community, highlighting the transformative impact of small acts of kindness.
  • Ridhhaan Jaiin, Class 4, Chatrabhuj Narsee School, Amanora, Pune
    Achievement: Multi-talented child prodigy, setting records in motivational speaking, audiobook narration and storybook authorship while founding a publishing house, hosting a talk show and serving as a brand ambassador for an orphanage; dedicated to empowering others and promoting literacy and talent among children.
  • Krisha Tanna, Class 4, JB Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai
    Achievement: Excellence in dance, academics and table tennis while also fostering a love for reading and vocabulary development through creative writing and community initiatives.

  • Kuhu Kacher, Class 4, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow
    Achievement: Versatile student excelling in various fields including writing, painting, entrepreneurship, poetry, acting and academic competitions.
  • Bhuvana Kumar Gopal, Class 4, St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
    Achievement: Academic excellence with international ranks in various Olympiads, supplemented by participation in quizzes and public speaking competitions.
  • Rudransh Ashok Kukreja, Class 4, Veda Vyasa DAV Public School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi
    Achievement: Extraordinary determination and a passion for exploration, achievements in academics, music and fine arts and demonstrating compassion, resilience, time management and the ability to inspire others through perseverance and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Amay Ashok, Class 4, Delhi Public School Electronic City, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Excelling in academics and Olympiads, publishing books and pursuing karate.
  • Radhya Jalan, Class 4, La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata
    Achievement: Passionate about horse riding, with a determination to excel despite challenges.
  • Polina Singh, Class 4, Army Public School, Noida
    Achievement: Multifaceted accomplishments across literature, academics, sports and community service.
  • Anaahat Paritosh, Class 4, Sparkling Mindz Global School, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Multi-talented author and illustrator who engages proactively in storytelling sessions, poetry readings and art exhibitions.
  • Rudra Agarwal, Class 4, Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane
    Achievement: Creating a prototype robot to autonomously serve hot chapatis, showcasing problem-solving skills, compassion, creativity and perseverance in design and coding.
  • Anaya Danani, Class 4, Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai
    Achievement: Demonstrated creativity through poetry and applied science projects and embracing cultural heritage through Bharatnatyam and folk dances.
  • Vedant Baljee, Class 4, Ascend International School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Organised an initiative to donate shoes to the poor, raising awareness and gathering over 200 pairs of shoes, influencing others to give and showcasing the value of respect and integrity amidst competition.
  • Aaisha Asfiya, Class 4, Al Yasmin International School, Saudi Arabia
    Achievement: Passion for creativity, numerous published works and achievements in the literary world.
  • Yajas Gupta, Class 4, OPG World School, Dwarka, New Delhi
    Achievement: Excellence in various fields including coding, mathematics, writing, skating and time management.
  • Saanvi Singh, Class 5, The Creek Planet School, Hyderabad
    Achievement: Science enthusiast with multilingual proficiency, sporting achievements and academic excellence.
  • Avarna Singh, Class 5, Sheth Vidya Mandir High School, Vasai
    Achievement: Academic excellence and a thirst for knowledge, dedicated learner, avid reader, chess enthusiast and artist.
  • Ariha Bohra, Class 5, Ekayanaa School, Indore
    Achievement: Dedicated national-level speed skater, adept at balancing sports and academics, driven by a passion for skating despite challenges like injuries and frequent relocations due to parents’ transferable job.
  • Pranshu Ramnani, Class 5, Euro School, Airoli
    Achievement: Academic accolades, artistic pursuits and extracurricular engagements.
  • Dilaan Mewani, Class 5, JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai
    Achievement: Achieved a Guinness World Record in skating at just 11, academic excellence, house captaincy and understanding the value of perseverance and sacrifice in achieving goals.
  • Advay Sukrit, Class 5, Delhi Public School, Patna
    Achievement: Demonstrated excellence in various fields such as oration, coding competitions and art.
  • Satvika Chegu, Class 5, New Horizon Gurukul, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Dedicated volunteering efforts with ‘V THE VOLUNTEERS’, cultivating empathy, responsibility and a proactive mindset while creating positive impacts in various community causes.
  • Ritika Shinoj, Class 5, Mar Basil Higher Secondary School, Kothamangala, Kerala
    Achievement: Excellence in the arts, literature, community service, academics and sports.
  • Shantanu Sancruth, Class 5, The Keystone Ankuram School, Pune
    Achievement: Dedicated to academic excellence and environmental conservation, actively championing the cause of native Indian bees through leadership, action and advocacy.
  • Vihaan Tejas Mehta, Class 5, JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai
    Achievement: Excellence in academics, sports and creativity.
  • Kiarah Agarwal, Class 5, Shiv Nadar School, Noida
    Achievement: National-level swimmer, aiming to represent India at the Olympics.
  • Veer Thakkar, Class 5, Vidya Valley, Pune
    Achievement: Passionate young naturalist, advocating for environmental awareness through art and participation in the Young Naturalist Club.

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  • Gauraansh Pandey, Class 6, Army Public School, Noida
    Achievement: Published author of ‘I Met Your Grandpa’ who has pursued his passion for writing, honed his storytelling skills and gained newfound confidence and enthusiasm for expressing his imagination through words.
  • Samreen Gill, Class 6, Learning Paths School, Mohali
    Achievement: Excellence in writing, running and pursuing her passion for shooting with dedication and resilience, embodying the spirit of perseverance and determination.

  • Aniruddha Iyer Bali, Class 6, The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Haryana Achievement: Set up ‘The World This Week’, a free e-weekly newspaper for children, which reaches over 100 CBSE schools and underprivileged communities, providing a platform for young voices and promoting positive change.
  • Chainika Kaur Virdi, Class 6, Pawar Public School, Kandivali West, Mumbai
    Achievement: A dedicated student and four-time national skating champion, she embraces challenges with calmness. She believes words such as ‘impossible’ do not exist, which helps her overcome obstacles.

  • Rhythm Atrey, Class 6, Suncity School, Sector 37 D, Gurugram
    Achievement: Displayed a relentless dedication to athletics and conquered countless races, embodying resilience, discipline and perseverance, inspiring others to embrace fitness and fostering a supportive community through shared goals.
  • Aayushi Chheda, Class 6, Swami Vivekananda International School, Kandivali, Mumbai
    Achievement: Diverse achievements, from excelling in sports and the arts to embodying resilience, creativity and empathy, serving as an inspiration to others.
  • Nairriti Mehta, Class 7, City Montessori School, Cambridge Section, Lucknow
    Achievement: A multi-talented and enthusiastic individual, consistently excelling in academics, language, arts, music and dance, driven by a passion for learning and inspiring others.
  • Rishabh Sen, Class 7, Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata
    Achievement: A passion for tennis, marked by tournament victories and overcoming setbacks; embodies unwavering dedication and resilience.

  • Samara Kothari, Class 7, Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata
    Achievement: Embracing the balance between academic studies and literary pursuits, she has crafted a captivating novel and mastered the art of mnemonic storytelling, inspiring others to follow their passions and persevere through life’s challenges.

  • Sudiksha Gouda, Class 7, Sharanya Narayani International School, Bengaluru
    Achievement: Earned numerous national and international accolades as an artist and scholar.
  • Diya Dhanuka, Class 8, Ramniwas Bajaj English High School, Malad, Mumbai
    Achievement: Excellence in competitive examinations and working towards her goal of becoming an IITian and engineer with confidence and hardwork.

  • Aparajita Gopinath, Class 8, Shraddha Children’s Academy, Padur, Tamil Nadu
    Achievement: Displayed that with recognition, support and nurture, anyone can excel, earning respect from those who once doubted their potential.
  • Rishita, Class 8, Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
    Achievement: Displayed a curious mind, intelligence, problem-solving skills and creativity and learnt valuable lessons about perseverance, self-belief and the importance of balancing academics with extracurricular pursuits to achieve holistic growth and fulfilment.

  • Pashmira Farhad Kapadia, Class 8, Vissanji Academy, Mumbai
    Achievement: A well-rounded achiever with a multitude of accomplishments spanning academics, martial arts, music, arts, sports and leadership roles, embodying resilience, time management skills, teamwork and a commitment to personal growth while inspiring and mentoring peers with a positive attitude and a passion for learning and environmental sustainability.
  • Anika Dalwani, Class 8, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai
    Achievement: A Bright Spark with a balance of left- and right-brained abilities, excelling academically while cultivating artistic prowess through painting and storytelling, with a commitment to infuse meaning into every piece and inspire others through creative expression.

  • Chaitanya Garg, Class 8, La Foundation School, Sangrur, Punjab
    Achievement: Excellence in academics, games, competitive exams, writing and singing, embracing his innate talents and tirelessly nurturing them to their fullest potential.
  • Avani Yadav, Class 8, Seth MR Jaipuria School, Lucknow
     Achievement: A dynamic individual with a passion for art, swimming, music, literature and biology, embodying adaptability, versatility and a holistic approach to life and learning.

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  • Deepshikha De, Class 9, Delhi Public School, Noida
    Achievement: A prolific talent in painting with 265 awards, including 50 from international competitions across 15 countries; she has also donated ₹25,700 through her art sales.

  • Doyel Trivedi, Class 9, Golden Era Academy, Jaipur
    Achievement: Excelled academically with numerous medals, displayed leadership skills as a student council vice-captain and pursued diverse interests from Kathak to cartooning.
  • Armaan Maheshwary, Class 9, Learning Paths School, Punjab
    Achievement: Driven by a passion for social change, he innovated ‘Straywatch’, a humane device to prevent stray dog attacks, demonstrating resilience, problem-solving skills and a commitment to creating a positive impact despite facing challenges and scepticism.

  • Samaira Khanduja, Class 9, Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls High School, Mumbai
    Achievement: A portfolio spanning writing, music, arts and social media, she has also won various competitions, published stories and a novella, performed in concerts, making her an all-rounder.
  • Sruthi Manojna Vemuri, Class 10, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    Achievement: A dedicated artist and academic achiever, she has demonstrated resilience, talent and a commitment to continual growth despite academic challenges.

  • Krisha Bang, Class 10, Hill Spring International School, Mumbai
    Achievement: Found purpose during the pandemic by tutoring a 12-year-old boy in English through the NGO ‘Down to Earth’, showcasing resilience, empathy and the power of small acts of kindness.
  • Siddharth Kumar Gopal, Class 10, St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
    Achievement: Represented India and won a silver medal at the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics Junior, earned the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Shakti Puraskar, was showcased as a young genius on CNBC TV 18 and received many scholarships.

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