I Walked Across the Bridge

Daksh Malik, Class 7, Shiv Nadar School Noida

I walked across the bridge and saw a whole new world,
A world full of joy and euphoria,
Where the sorrows of the materialistic world
Cannot enter…
I walked across the bridge and saw a whole new world,
During a time of distress,
A crisis that never seemed to slow down
But was never able to find its way here
This world was a bright one,
And was always welcoming
To new people arriving here
It was a place to relax,
Forget about worries and crises
A place where distress is knocked out
And nothing can ruin this world of pleasures and joy
This world was full of beautiful nature,
Dense forests, large fields of flowers
No greed, No negativity
No wars, a worldwide peace
No destruction, No desecration of life
A place where everybody
shows respect to one another
A place where equality persists
And racism is abolished
This place has abundant resources
Which are used wisely every day
Global warming does not exist here
As this world does not use fossil fuels.
I walked across the bridge and saw a whole new world,
Which is solely powered
By the morale of the people living there,
A world where everybody is given the same amount of resources
And none are wasted.
This world was a world for the needy
Which shows how rotten the materialistic world has become
This world points out the issues
Which mankind has made throughout history
And I appreciate this world
It shows us how the materialistic world can be
If we removed all the negativity in our lives
And embrace a purpose to strive…
It is a magical world
Of love and kindness,
where I would like to stay in forever…


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