Ice Cream Stick Xmas Ornaments

These adorable and super-easy Christmas ornaments are sure to brighten up your Xmas tree!


  • Different coloured ice cream sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Paints and brushes
  • White or coloured craft paper


For the Fish

  • Lay 4 to 5 ice cream sticks slanted as shown.
  • Stick another 4 to 5 ice cream sticks diagonally on top of the first row.
  • Stick a googly eye at the tip.
  • Your fish is ready!

For the Rainbow

  • Place rainbow coloured ice cream sticks in ascending order as shown.
  • Cut out a white cloud from the craft paper and stick it on top of the row of ice cream sticks.
  • Stick googly eyes and draw a smile on the cloud. Your rainbow is ready!

For the Bumble Bee

  • Stick 5 yellow ice cream sticks together to make a rectangle as shown.
  • Draw 4 black stripes across the sticks.
  • Cut out 2 wings from the craft paper and stick them on either side.
  • Cut out 2 antennae and stick them on the top as shown. Also cut out a tail and stick it at the bottom as shown.
  • Stick 2 googly eyes and draw a mouth to make the face of the bee. Buzzz…your bee is ready!

Abha Shah is the founder of PodSquad, which creates and sells children’s educational toys and games for ages 1 to 10 years with a range of themed activity boxes focused on early childhood learning and development. PodSquad also runs an online community sharing ideas for home-based activities to help children learn important concepts and skills through play, called the PodSquad Activity Zone. Follow them on Instagram @podsquadbox.

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