India of My Dreams

Vivaan Sethi

Dreams! I wonder what are dreams
These are our sub-conscious thoughts
Flowing like a stream.
India of my dreams is just not a dream
But a vision, for my future
Which makes me gleam.
India of my dreams is a place
Where all religions flourish together and find solace
A place where people are united for a reason and live in peace
And have the freedom to practice their virtues as they please.
My eyes only want to see equality
Free from gender prejudices and biases
Women empowerment and child care should be the motto of our country
Their safety, welfare, and equality should be the roadmap of every community.
“Each One, Teach One”,
“Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao”
Campaigns have done their work
Radical reforms in the education system need re-work.
Companies should invest in young talent
By giving them opportunities, platforms, and funds
To display their valence
“Business Blaster” is a good initiative
Making children into young entrepreneurs explicative
Why is such an initiative restricted to only a few?
Let others also have equal chances too.
My country should create enough,
For every unemployed to have jobs.
Jobless succumb to crimes and become rough,
Being robbed of their innocence and later resort to sobs.
We need to stop exporting our talent to foreign lands
Why not create world-class universities in our motherland?
Give reasons to young
India to stay and work for the progress of their homeland.
We need implementation at the grass root level
To control pollution at all levels
Companies should follow and live up to their social responsibilities
By playing an active role in stopping emissions of pollutants from their factory chimneys.
It’s high time we need a change in our lifestyles
Give reuse, reduce and recycle a valid trial
This practice will reduce our carbon footprints
Thus, enabling the environment a sustainable stint.
“Go electric” in vehicles should be the next mantra
Skyrocketing prices of fuel are killing our “Janta”
Health services need a total revamp
India needs a vision to reach out to rural as well.
Politics should not be in the hands of few
Educated, dynamic youth of India should get the opportunities too.
It’s time not to sit and crib on the flaws of the systems
But, be the change you want to see and blossom.
Stop looking for “Sasta and fast Jugadhs”
Looking for ways to bypass rules and laws.
It’s our country, adorn it with virtues of discipline and culture without flaws,
Make it a better place for you and me
Make India a world leader for future generations as an example to lead.


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