Indian Navy: Kings of the Arabian Sea 

Nabhya Dubey, Class 6, Udayachal High School, Mumbai

As we all know, the Indian Navy is the seventh strongest navy in the world. And we are all very proud of this. We have aircraft carriers like INS Vikrant, submarines like INS Shankush, warships like INS Brahmaputra and fleet tankers like INS Deepak. But do you know what a fleet tanker is?

I will tell you everything about them. I got a lot of visual information when I went inside an actual submarine, warship and fleet tanker! On Sundays, navy officers are allowed to bring their families onto the ships and explain their work. My relatives worked for the navy and we were privileged to have a look inside.

Submarine | Image Source:

We started with the most fascinating vessel—the submarine. I suppose everybody knows that a submarine goes below the waterline and defends our country. But do we know how much our navy officers sacrifice for us? You won’t believe it, but the space to sleep and work inside a submarine is extremely limited. We, the common people, can’t stay there for even an hour, but navy officers are supposed to stay there for at least two to three months or even longer. And because there is less space, officials are trained on how to survive there. But just in case anybody falls ill, there is always a doctor in the submarine as well as in other ships.

Indian Navy Frigate Tabar

Next, we headed to the warship. It had many types of guns and missiles and it even had a place where three helicopters could be kept at once. It also had different types of antennas, which could detect radiation, call for help and send signals. It was a lot bigger than the submarine and it had sufficient space for everyone.

Then we reached the majestic fleet tanker. Basically, the task of a fleet tanker is to go with a fleet of ships and carry a lot of food, fuel and fresh water. When the food, fuel or water on other ships is finished, this ship provides it to them while sailing, so that the ships do not need to go back to a port. There are very big and long pipes attached to a fleet tanker from which fuel and water are transferred to other ships. Food is either transferred by helicopter or zip line.

Oil Tanker

Officers on ships must also practise different types of safety drills and exercises to keep themselves fit. Do you know, there are many ceremonies that are conducted on the ships? The flag-hoisting ceremony, which takes place as the sun rises, is one of them. The other is to lower the national flag as the sun sets.

Navy Officers

I feel that being a navy officer and wearing that uniform is a matter of pride. Everybody should respect and be thankful to those who stay away from their families for months to safeguard our nation.

ACTIVITY: The Indian Navy

Do some research online and name any 1 Indian carrier in each of the following categories.


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