Inventions Because of Accidents

Avica Narang, Class 7, Father Agnel School, Noida, Sec 62

So, there once was a boy who worked with logic
People called him narrow-minded, he did not
believe what people called magic
People got tired of shooing away cats who were scratching their doors
So he came up with cat holes!
People called eternal life a fantasy
Then he invented the philosopher’s stone, why he was even involved in alchemy.
Rainbow has always been a great attraction
However, no one but he figured out it was made by light refraction
Hot things are cooled down by blowing
Did you know it was he who came up with the law of cooling
People said ”ouch“ when an apple fell on their head from the tree
He would be busy finding out about gravity
He did things that let people rigid
He with Galilei and Einstein are known as the father of physics
Yes, we are talking about Newton,
whose inventions were so fantastic
Inventions that people consider magic


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