Just for Laughs: The Funniest Gag You Ever Pulled

The first day of April is a day of practical jokes, pranks and fun in most countries. Though the true origin of this day is unknown, it has been observed for centuries. On this day, people put on their pranking caps and play the most unexpected, hilarious yet safe pranks on their family members and friends and scream “April Fool!” at the end of the gag. SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to a few RobinAgers to find out about their funny April Fool experiences.

April 01, 2022

Aakriti Ghosh
Class 2, Delhi Public School, Bengaluru

I was invited to a friend’s birthday party on April 1. This was the first time I went to her party. They served juice and cake, but the glasses and plates were empty. I told my friend that there was nothing in them, but she told me that there was and pretended to drink and eat from the empty glass and plate. I saw others doing the same too. I was confused. Then suddenly, she burst into laughter and said, ‘April Fool!’ and all of us laughed. She is one of my best friends now and every year, we play some pranks on her birthday for fun. This was my funniest April Fool moment.

Jia Mathur
Class 3, Step by Step School, Noida

My sister decided that we come up with pranks on April Fools’ Day. So, I decided to have some fun of my own and thought of playing one of my own naughty pranks on her. But what could I use? I decided to use the Halloween decorations and costumes I had saved from the previous year. I dressed up as a ghost and carried a few pretend spiders with me. I knew that my sister was scared of spiders so I decided to use them as part of my prank. My sister was inside the toy room. I tip-toed into the room, kept the pretend spiders next to her and hid behind the curtains. As soon as my sister saw the spiders, she shrieked in fright. My parents rushed into the room, worried. Dad burst into laughter when he realised they were just pretend spiders. Though my sister was furious, I had a good laugh!

Vihaan Bheda
Class 4, Thakur International School, Mumbai

Last year, my best friend and I decided to play a prank on another friend. In the evening, when he came to the building compound to play, we began to throw water balloons at him. As we had worn face masks, he couldn’t identify us. We ended up throwing a bucketful of water balloons at him. It made him angry because he had worn new clothes. When he began to chase us, he slipped and had a bad fall. This made us feel bad for him. We had to take him home and when his mother asked us what happened, we told her that it was an April Fool prank that went wrong.

Vizzmaya Jalal
Class 5, St Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Due to the pandemic, everything is delivered outside our door. One of our neighbours used to steal our vegetables and other things from the doorstep. Last year on April 1, a rat entered our house. My grandfather caught it and put it in a courier box, sealed it and kept it outside the house. Suddenly, we saw our pesky neighbour with the rat-a-tat box from the window. He enthusiastically opened the box and the rat jumped out on his petrified face. We couldn’t stop laughing and shouted ‘Happy April Fools’ Day’.

Aaradhya Khambra
Class 7, Delhi World Public School, Rajkot

I woke up with a brilliant idea to prank one of my innocent friends. I told him that another friend of ours wanted to practise boxing using him as the opponent. He was so horrified, he began stammering. I hung up the phone immediately after, to leave him frightened. I couldn’t wait to meet him. When he came to school that day, he looked nervous and worried. That is when I revealed to him that I had fooled him. Both of us giggled.

Many countries celebrate this day differently. A very common prank played in France is Poisson d’Avril. The prank involves attaching a paper fish to the back of an unsuspecting victim. This day is known as Huntigowk Day in Scotland and O Dia das Mentiras, which translates to ‘the day of lies’, in Brazil.

REFLECTION: Play the Fool!

What is the funniest trick that has been played on you on April Fools’ Day?

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