Let’s Join Hand in Hand and Save Our Land

Samriddha Biswas, Class 5, Techno India Group Public School, Garia, Kolkata

Let’s join Hand in Hand and
Save Our Land!
In our life everything is our Mother Earth,
and soil is its most essential part.
If soil wasn’t there,
our existence would have also end there.
All the trees and plants grows in it,
and provides us with the fruits and veges we eat.
On this soil we all walk,
along with the animals and birds flocks.
Trees gives us a lot which are a part of the nature,
but soil is the real creator.
Also our houses are made on the soil only,
without it we would had became homeless and lonely.
You see soil provides so much to us,
In its absence we wouldn’t had even celebrated festivals.
It also helps in the decomposition of dirty and useless materials,
and from the harmful gases, it saves all the creatures.
So save soil from the terrible landslides,
by planting more and more trees which protects it and keeps the soil alright.
Let’s start taking steps right now,
because we’ve to save our dearest soil anyhow.


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