Letter from the Editor: December 01, 2021

The evidence of climate change hits us every day–floods, droughts, forest fires, rising global temperatures, melting glaciers–and yet, as individuals, we struggle to do our bit to fix the issue.

People continue to drive their fuel-guzzling cars even when they can walk to their destination. Fit and healthy people in high-rise buildings take the lift even to the first floor. Our homes have air-conditioners in every room and often, they are running through the day! Roads are being made bigger to handle more cars, more people are moving to cities to make more money, more trees are being cut to build more homes, more fossil fuels are being exhausted to supply energy to all those homes…the list is endless. We are destroying our planet and its climate with every one of these actions.

For decades, scientists have been warning us about the environmental changes we are now seeing. But we’ve done very little about it. This is why the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, has been getting so much attention. The event saw leaders from close to 190 countries come together to attempt to figure out how to transition to a low-carbon economy.

At RobinAge, we have decided to do our bit. Starting this issue, 28 out of the 32 pages in our newspaper will be printed on locally-sourced paper. The old paper had to travel across countries and oceans to reach our printing press, but we will now use a paper that has not only been ‘Made in India’, but is also helping us cut our carbon footprint.

We hope this move inspires you take your first steps towards reducing your carbon footprint too.

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