Letter from the Editor: January 01, 2022

Even as we are fighting to keep the COVID-19 virus under control, schools have begun to open across the country. So are school-going kids safe?

According to researchers, scientists and doctors, it is indeed safe for kids to go back to school. There have been relatively fewer cases of infection in children and even among those that did catch the virus, most saw mild symptoms and recovered within a couple of days.

According to a study, close to 60% of kids in India already have antibodies for COVID-19 without vaccination. However, this does not mean children can walk around without masks or share each other’s water bottles; we need to be careful and vigilant at all times. Also, the advantages of studying in physical school are many, with respect to both academic progress and social skills.

As long as your school, parents and you are following all the precautions needed—minimising the number of children in one class, maintaining social distancing in classrooms, keeping a tab on the body temperature and oxygen saturation levels of those attending school, using a sanitiser often and using a mask at all times, there is no need to worry about going back to school.


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