March 26, 2023

Letter from the Editor: June 01, 2022

Last month we celebrated Mother’s Day, probably the only day in the whole year when children across the world make a special effort to display their love for their mother.

Do we really need a special day to pay tribute to our mother? In all honesty, she should always be at the top of our minds, like we are in hers!

Think about this:

  • When you get hurt while you are playing, who is the first person you think of?
  • What is the language you traditionally speak also known as?
  • Though the father plays an equally important role in bringing up a child, which parent do you take all your troubles and traumas to?
  • Which parent knows exactly what’s going on in your head, without you having to say the words?

It is often said, because god cannot be everywhere, he created mothers. Even divine love is measured in terms of a mother’s love. Duryodhana, who was so close to his father, wanted to meet his mother, not his father, before dying. So, how do we justify celebrating our mother on just one day?

It was in 1908 that US citizen Anna Jarvis celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time in memory of her mother, who had passed away three years earlier. Since then, celebrations have included gifts and zillions of discount coupons for mothers. This year, the Indian Railways too decided to give a Mother’s Day gift!

A foldable ‘baby berth’ was introduced by the Indian Railways on Mother’s Day for mothers travelling with their infants. The initiative is a collaborative effort of the Northern Railway’s Lucknow and Delhi divisions. It was launched in an air-conditioned (AC) three-tier coach of Lucknow Mail 12230 on two berths. This facility is only available in AC three-tier cars currently. If successful, it will be introduced in all trains in the future.


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