Letter from the Editor: November 01, 2022

The word ‘boycott’ has been looming large for the last few months and sadly, for all the wrong reasons, with groups calling for the boycott of movies, books and more.

The word ‘boycott’ was born in Ireland in the 1880s when peasants and farmers rose against British land tax collector Charles Cunningham Boycott. Since then, boycotts have been used as an effective method of protest, such as when Mahatma Gandhi used them during the Indian freedom struggle. But at that time, boycotts were used for the betterment of society. 

Today, a boycott has become nothing but a way of showing social, intellectual and religious intolerance. And these campaigns are fuelled mainly by misinformation and personal bias! What’s more, they are blown up by social media.

It’s time to say no to people who force their views upon you, even when they are not in the right. It’s time to stop joining hate groups and mindless boycotts. It’s time to start thinking for yourself. Be just. Be truthful. Do your own research and make an educated decision.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and what is said in a public forum matters. Do not waste your energy and resources siding with someone who has painted angry slogans across the city, blackened the faces on posters and hoardings or torn up books publicly. 

As children, you are the future of our country and you need to start thinking about its betterment. Always strive to make conscious and informed choices that are just and weigh out both sides of the argument. As we gear up to celebrate Children’s Day on November 14, we ask you to honour the truth and make a better and brighter future for yourself and society. 


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