Magic Eyes

Rishel Bhalla Bhatia, Class 6, Pathways School, Gurgaon

Plot: A girl named Nova has unique eyes, 1 emerald green and 1 chocolate brown eye. Her enemy’s mom whose name is Ariana Whitestone (Who is her parent’s enemy) knows why. It’s because her mother is a royal fairy while her dad is a mighty alpha human, which is why she has this unique combination. Ariana wants the power to herself so that she can rule the world. Because of Ariana, Nova had to go into deep hiding, by travelling to different places. Let’s see how her journey will look.

Hi! I’m Nova Ashton Masashige. This is my story of the scariest time of my life. Let me give you a small summary of me and my life. My home planet is Zansia but I live on Earth. I have black and blonde hair mix and 1 green and 1 chocolate brown eye. I’m 14 years old. My dad’s name is David Ashton Masashige and my mom’s name is Charlotte Ashton Masashige.

“Nova we need to leave, Ariana is already coming for us, shit she’s already left her room for breakfast,” Dad says.
“One sec, I’m just grabbing my eyepatch,”
“You done?”
“Yeah let’s go,”
“I see Ariana, we need to reach the car in 10 minutes or we’re done for,” Mom says anxiously.
We pace to the car making sure we don’t make any noise.
“Get in, get in, get in!” My dad ushers my mom and me into the car.
“Relax or else she’ll hear us,” My mom says, patting Dad’s shoulder.
“ Facts are facts,” I say softly as we shut the car door as silently as possible. It was an early morning in Texas, 3:00 AM so you wouldn’t really expect to hear anything. We had to escape as quietly as possible, leaving no trace of our escape, Dad even bought a decoy car!

We started the car and left the house.
“ So Dad, where exactly are we going?” I asked.
“We’re going to Austin, and from there we’ll go to India,”
“India?!” I exclaimed.
“Don’t judge a book by its cover,”
“ What will we do there,” I questioned
“My college friend lives there, so it will be an opportunity for me to see him,” Dad says
“Alright then,” I sigh and lie in the backseat, drifting to sleep.

“NOVA WAKE UP!” Dad and Mom scream.
In a panic, my eyes bolt open to find a cruel woman with a lot of blood on her cheeks. Yup, Ariana.
“Well hello! Looks like you’re here to see me suck the power out of your body,”
“Okay you are one annoying and ugly woman, GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!” I shouted.
She starts speaking a spell “Chavana savaro kinsav fakisha~”
“You have a pocket knife?” I quickly ask my parents.
“ I have one, hon, can you take it out from my backpack?” My mom said.
“Okay…got it and… yup!” Dad struggles trying to take out the pocket knife and not cut himself.
Dad tosses the knife to me.
I let it fall in my lap, silently thanking god it didn’t cut me.
Not letting myself get distracted, I used my palms to pick up the knife holder, flipped it over and started cutting the rope super fast.
Ariana’s eyes widen but she continues “ Fiso chen KA se TU”
SNAP! It came off and I jumped up and ran to free my parents.
“Thanks, Novie, Let’s get moving,” Mom said smiling.
Ariana was almost finished with the spell, she wasn’t doing anything. Before she said the 2 last words, we ran out
“See you never!” We shouted, jumping in the car
We jump in and sped off, “So exactly where are we, and how did she find us?”I asked.
“ She must have guessed that you figured it out, so put a tracker on our car,” Dad said.
“Have you thrown the tracker?”
“Yeah, we put it on her car, so now, we’re tracking her!” Mom said.
“How is it going to help us?”
“It’ll keep us three informed about her whereabouts,” Dad said taking a sharp right.
“Okay then,” I said, “How much time till we reach Austin?”
“About an hour? You did sleep for quite a while,” Mom replied.
“Meh,” I rolled my eyes, “Wait, when’s our flight to I-”
“I don’t think you should say it, you never know what that woman put in our car,” Dad said shivering at the thought of her, making me and mom laugh.
“Hmm, you’re right, anyways, when is it?” I reply
“It’s in 3 days,” Dad says.
“Alright,” I say, “ I think we need to be more prepared from next time onwards, I need to practice my spells and hand-to-hand combat skills.
“I would teach you combat, but we can’t because I’m driving. Your mom can help you with spells,” Dad said
“I’ll just find my spell book…Did you bring a doll?” Mom asks.
“I knew this would come in handy!” I fetch my doll from my backpack.
“Hmm, that should do,” Mom said, taking out the spell book from her backpack, “ Let’s start with learning how to crystalise something! Here is the spell. Now, you have to point your finger at that object while enchanting,”
I nodded and followed my mom’s instructions. “Arghh! Why is it not working?”
“ Keep trying, meanwhile, I’ll try to get more information on Ariana,”


I finally succeeded. “Yes!” I exclaimed happily.
My parents clapped “ Good girl” My dad said, stopping the car to pat my head.
My mom smiled in appreciation “I found some info on Ariana. It turns out that she’s the female wicked wizard from the West of Zansia. Her power is Wizardry. She can create brand new spells in 2 minutes, but her weakness is that she is not good at combat.,”
Dad added “ Now you see, Me and your mother our from a magical world called Zanisa, where no single-powered person can defeat another single-powered person, and no double-powered person can defeat a double-powered person. Your mother and I are single-powered people, like Ariana, but you are double power because Your mother has the power of Crystal, which you can use to crystalise anything, by the power of casting crystal spells. I have the power of an Alpha, which provides you with strength and independence. To master your powers, you have to learn how to use it,”
I nodded “ Maybe then I should learn this spell, ‘Chiva Viva’, It will remove all her magic for half an hour if I get it right, but according to this, very few people have managed to accomplish this spell… If they don’t succeed…=death… Anyways, once I memorize this spell, I can enhance my combat skills, so that next time, I will have the upper hand!”
My parents looked worried “But what if you don’t succeed” Mom said.
“Charlotte, I believe she is capable…I am as worried as you but it’s the only way” Dad said
“Okay…” Mom said, “Want me to take the wheel?”.
“Okay,” Dad said, “ Once we reach India, we’ll work on our combat skills

Once they reach India, at her dad’s friend’s house
“David!” As soon as we enter the house, the man shouts my dad’s name and hugs him.
My dad chuckles “ Long time no see Jack”
“Agreed,” he then says to Mom “You’re David’s wife, Charlotte, right?”
“Right, you are!” Charlotte smiles. They shake hands.
“And you’re… Sora, David’s daughter?” He asks.
I wasn’t liking this guy, “My name’s Nova, and yes David is my dad,”
“ Nice to meet you! You’re 14 right?” He asks
“Yeah I am,” I reply
“Well, I have a son, Jason, who’s also 14…let me call him down,” he says, taking a deep breath “ JASON GET YOUR BUTT DOWNSTAIR AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE PLAYING SOME VIDEO GAME WITH YOUR FRIEND!”
“WE HAVE GUESTS!” Jack said.
It went quiet for a moment “Sorry, I’m coming,”
He reached downstairs “Uhmm, hi…” He said looking at us.
“Jason, this is my friend David, his wife, Charlotte, and their daughter who is your age…Nova”
“Hey” I give a friendly smile
“Hi, again,”
Ding goes my phone. I check the message.
“Yes, sweetie?”
“Ariana’s on her way,”
“Damn it! How did she find out,” Dad frowns
“Is there a tracker on your phone Nova?” Mom asked
“No… lemme check…”
“What’s going on?” Jason asks.
“How did I not see the tracker…”
“TAKE IT OFF AND DESTROY IT!!!!!!!!!!” Mom and Dad shout.
I stomp on it with all of my strength
“I’ll just throw it, where’s the dustbin?”
“I’ll just show you,” Jason says leading the way.
When we reach the kitchen, he asks, “Why are you wearing an eyepatch, and who is Ariana?”
“Oh umm, I, I can’t tell you because uhhhh.”
He sighs and mumbles something.
“You were saying?” I ask
“It’s nothing, forget it,” He said
I go back to the living room “ Dad do they know about us?”
“Yes they do,” Dad said
“What about Jason?”
“He doesn’t know,” Dad says glancing at Jason, “ But he looks like he can be trusted…”
“Well then, let me tell you everything,” I say taking a deep breath.

After explaining
“ Oh, my god…” His eyes were wide open with amazement and shock.
“I know it’s really hard to believe but that’s what it is,”
“I believe you, for some reason,” Jason said
“ I’m glad… Dad, what happened to Ariana?” I said
“ Why is this lady so irritating”
“ She just is hon,” Mom said.
Dad rolls his eyes “ That was a rhetorical question,”
“ You know I know that,” Mom says mimicking Dad’s tone
“ Oh quit that will ya!” I exclaim “ Wait, I have an idea…” I take the tracker pieces out of the empty dustbin “Does someone know how to rebuild a tracker? The circuit is intact!” I say quickly.
“You came to the right person,” Jack says, “ I’ll get to work, Son, gimme a hand will ya?”
“Sure, Dad!” Jason runs to the kitchen and comes back with a box he then runs upstairs and gets a book back down.
“Here you go, Dad! Jason said.
“We need to hurry!” I said, panicking. I started pacing around the room to calm myself down.
“ This will take a while,” Jason said.
I bit my lip and started playing with my fingers.
I then spoke lightly “Try to make it quick, please,”
Jack replied, “ Relax, Nova, we’ll make sure it’s done as soon as possible, but what will you need it for?”
I responded “If I need to go somewhere, you can track me with this,”
I gave him a shy smile and sat on the couch, exhausted from pacing around. I slowly closed her eyes….

Later on…
I yawned waking up at sunrise. I was all alone on the couch. I realised that I must have dozed off due to Jet-lag. I walk into the kitchen to check the time “7:00 AM,” I thought, “It’s a Monday so Jason must be getting ready to go to school,”
I decided that I should go upstairs to check for my parents. I dragged myself up the stairs, to find Mom and Dad up and dressed “Good morning sleepy head,” Dad says, patting my head.
“Is Jason going to school?” I ask
“ Yes and you’re going with him,” Mom informs
“ WHAT? It’s not a bad thing but you know-”
“ In disguise obviously!” Mom said chuckling, “ Just wear this eyepatch, I’ll see if I packed some wigs, oh and your tracker!”
“ Alright, Ima go grab some clothes,” I say opening my suitcase which is in my parent’s temporary room.


I walk with my bag to the front door, finding Jason waiting for me.
“We have to look like cousins or close friends,” Jason told me, “Be thankful that I’m a good actor,”
I chuckled “Be thankful that I’m a good one too. Shall we act like good friends?”
“Sure,” He said.

Everybody was staring at Jason and me. This one dude comes up and is like “ Hey dude whatsup, and why are you hanging out with that, weak girl!”
“I’ll show you who’s the weak one over here,” I snapped, threateningly.
Jason restrained me from pouncing, “ She’s my close friend, don’t mess with her.” Jason drills holes in his eyes. He immediately nodded “ Yessir!”
I grinned. “ What class do we have?”
“Language Acquisition,” He said, “ I’m in French,”
“Thank god!” I said.
He leads the way to French class

“That was a long day,”
Another guy who looked very familiar, different from the one we met in the morning, came up to Jason. I realised that was my old friend, Alex, who knew my secret!
“Hey Jason, who’s this?” James says, looking at me.
Jason looks at me to answer, so I do, “ I’m a close friend of Jason’s”
James’s eyes widen “ That voice is very familiar. A friend of mine called Nova sounds exactly like you,”
“ Ummm-”
“ Nova, I know that’s you,”
I gulp
“ Running from that hysterical woman?” He asks.
I slowly nod my head “ Why did you come to India?”
“I’m sorry Nova, Ariana threatened my family,”
My eyes widened, and I realised what he meant “ RUN!”
My wig blew off I was running so fast, with Jason right beside me.
Jason grabbed my hand and said, “ Let’s lose ‘em!” He ran to some unknown direction
I decided to keep my mouth shut instead of complaining.
He whispered “ I see a bush, let’s hide behind it,”
I gave him a thumbs up. We were almost caught, Ariana looked in our direction but saw nothing so turned back, moaning in frustration.
A couple of minutes later, Jason whispered “ I’ll go check if she’s still there,”
He peeked outside and gave me a thumbs down, and came back into the bush.
I had enough. “I am going to do a spell called Chiva Viva, If I fail, Run,”
He looked worried but nodded.
I came out of the bush and said “Psst! Ariana, over here!
Ariana must have heard me because she ran towards me and started chanting a spell, using an electric device to make a bubble around us. She then said
“Finally, my dream of ruling Earth and Zansia will come true today!” She grinned.
“How will my powers help you?” I questioned
“You dumb little girl, If I get your powers, I’ll become the only triple-powered person in the world! If I become a triple-powered person, I can defeat all powered people, and they will know that, so they will all be in my power, my control,” She said dreamily. She shook her head, then said strictly, Now, not another word,” She started chanting a spell
Realizing that I was missing for a long time, my parents must have been looking at me, and they gasped when they saw me with her. They both ran to reach me, not realizing that there was a shield, and they both ran into it, earning cuts all over their bodies. I started to cry realizing that it was the end I sighed and braced myself for the end. My parents were right there, sobbing. Jason then ran carrying a bucket of water and splashed it on the bubble. I then blacked out.

Hours later
I wake up to hear alarms beeping, and nurses with the doctor running in.
I was struggling to escape, but I was pinned down. The doctor checked the monitors and said “Your family wishes to see you,”
My parents enter “Are you alright?”
“I’m alive?” I asked weakly
“ Yes you are,” My dad said
My mom continued “ Jason saved you by splashing a bucket of water on that bubble, which deactivated the shield. We then took her down-”
“And sent her to Zansia’s prison forever,” Dad said, cutting Mom off.
“We also transferred her powers to you, so now you are the only triple-powered person in the universe!”
I was shocked “ Thanks!” I said, happy that they trusted me with that sort of power

And that was that! It was all over. We went back to Texas. Jack and Jason decided to move to Texas as well. Alex returned to Texas and apologised for his actions, which I was not so forgiving on, but he was a good friend, so I gave him a chance.

Our story continues, and who knows what could be next for me, Nova Ashton Masashige?

The End…

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