Magic of Mother Nature

Sai Harshitha M, Class 6, Amberwood International School, Nellore

Magic flows deep within
Green bumps burst through the earth
From seeming invisible nothingness
New life has begun
Mother croons and sings
For her lively little world
And with the song life moves on
The growing symphony
Caring she provides, to all she loves
The perfect world life needs
All she has, she freely gives
No matter how much, quietly moves on
A world she wishes of harmony
For world she’s made to be happy
To feast carefree on the fruits she bares
To be blessed with the life she spreads everywhere
Her loving kindness deep
Feeds the entire world
Her love gives the world seeds for life
Through her roots in the world it seeps
But misused is her love, her nectar sweet
As though it can last forever
She forgives as they yearn for more
While they waste and guzzle it up
Then they began to hit her hard
Through their wishes she faltered
Her world of perfection and simplicity
New disasters it began to see
Without her others were down the line
For pleasure poison was designed
The damage caused, so many lost
The history could not be erased
Few began to see mothers plight, decided to step up front
Their thought of stone, others understood
They would revive mother’s world
And unravel their tangled knot
Mother saw the sorrow indeed for all that they had done
Her strength seemed to return
Time is on the haste, decades gone to waste
For us to undo the disaster we’ve done


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