Math Magic

Lasya Karadkar, Class 5, Millennium National School, Pune

Math is a subject not a test,
It shows u accuracy in the best,
Math may be a bit complex,
But a little hard work shows u the best.
Take Math as a game,
Look! u see the knowledge u gain,
Think about it and then u will see,
Even the simplest things are a bit tricky.
We have great people as u see,
Who used their brains for the world to see,
Ramanujan, Mahavir,  Lilavati too,
Have changed us in a way we knew.
Here is a challenge for u right now,
Try to solve this without a doubt,
(A=24) (B=A÷6÷2×13) (C=28) (D=A+B÷5+20)
Find – B & D
(Don’t solve by BODMAS)

A is 24
B is 26
C is 28
D is 30


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