My Crazy Dream

Mihishka Khera, Class 5, JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai

Yesterday I saw a dream,
Guess what could it be.
I went to an enormous zoo,
Can you guess what did I see?
I saw a crow bark,
And saw a tiger nibble some cheese.
I saw a cow who snored aloud,
And a hippo that could sneeze.
I could not believe my eyes,
I was standing in shock.
After I saw a dog with wings,
Who had a body of a clock.
I ran out of the crazy zoo,
Screaming my lungs out.
I’m never coming back again,
And I started to shout.
I reached home panting and puffing,
outside my home an animal team.
Then I woke up and realized that,
Everything was a dream.


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