My Friend Who Came from an Egg

Isha Rajesh, LKG, Kabiraa The Pre-school, Bangalore

As I was walking to the playground one evening, I saw an egg lying near the bushes. I wonder who kept it there and what could be inside it. As I went near the egg to see it closely, I heard a cracking sound. The egg started to hatch! “Oh what a cute little chick”, I thought to myself. The chick tried coming out, but suddenly a spider started crawling towards the chick and covered it completely with its web. Poor chick was scared to be stuck in the web. I ran towards the chick, shooed the spider away and rescued the chick from the web.

She was so happy to see me and said,” thank you so much for helping me, can i be your friend?”. “Of course, I’ll be your best friend ever” , I said and took her straight to my home and kept her cozy in my room. Just as we were about to start playing, I heard my mom’s voice “Isha wake up, time for school”. That’s when I realised it was all just a dream. How I wish my lil chick really comes home to me!


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