My Takeaways from The Midnight Library

Udeeta Borpujari, Class 8, Army Public School Jorhat, Assam

The Midnight Library is a very popular book written by Matt Haig. It is a fiction novel showcasing the story of a girl named Nora Seed who is suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. She takes up the wrong step and is transported to a library where each book shows how her life would have been if she had made different decisions.

It is a very interesting book. Here I will share my key takeaways from The Midnight Library by Matt Haig:
1. The Impact of Our Choices- All the choices or decisions that we make constitute our present life. Even the smallest choice of ours counts and makes a difference. We have such a superpower of making decisions, we should use it properly.
2. Our Regrets- We accumulate many regrets throughout our lives. These regrets are not always valid because things are not always how we think them to be.
3. Value your present life- We often find ourselves dissatisfied with our life and how things are happening. We carve for a new life or a different life but we must understand that our present life is precious and no life is like this one we are living. We should Value our life and cherish our lives.


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