Night Before Christmas Eve

Aarna Agarwal, Class 3, Kunskapskolan International School, Gurugram

Its the night before eve
Without my present from the chimney I won’t leave
Saint Nicholas is sure to come
Without my present my job won’t be done
I’m wondering what my present will be
I can’t wait to open it and see
I wait and wait until midnight
I’m hoping to see a Christmas sight
While waiting I read a book
Every once In a while outside I take a look
Wishing Saint Nicholas will come quick
Hoping he is not sick
Little did I know he forgot my gift
From the North Pole he didn’t even lift
On his map he saw a place
Where he didn’t go which is why a look of terror fell on his face
He flew back to the North Pole
Hoping to light a fire so he needed coal
Over there he saw one last present
Lying under the moo shape cresent
To my house he flew
He did not wait in the traffic cue
Then saint Nicholas went down the chimney
Without using a door key
Seeing saint Nicholas I was so shocked
Then I told him the doors were locked
He got to work straight away
Seeing saint Nicholas I knew it was the best
Christmas day
After a while his work was done
Then he said to the North Pole I have to return
He grew smaller and smaller
And I grew sleepier and sleepier
The next day I thought it was a dream
No I told myself and secretly ate ice-cream


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