No Time For Nothing

Kian Mehta, Class 9, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai

They say it like it’s nothing.
It’s no big deal.
Who cares what we feel?
“There’s a time for everything.”
They hold our wings –
Not too tight but still a pull;
Only so that we get a full –
Cause there’s a time for everything.
From growing hair to the smallest of things –
From playing free to enjoying the now;
I just don’t get how
There is enough time for everything.
But what if we go ‘Bing’ –
Earlier than when it was in our way?
Then what will they say?
“Was there enough time for everything?”
So, you may want to do everything;
But life is too short –
Enjoy what you got –
Cause there may not be enough time for everything.


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