Once Again

Japleen Kathoor, Class 8, Deens Academy, Bengaluru

I’ve got a fat heart
She takes more than she gives
All my life she has known this art
Selfishly she lives
And she will swear to not take up all the space
But that is just a possibility
She doesn’t really know her place
Shower her with sympathy
She sows the thorns and wishes for a rose
She’s all the bad but, in a jar,
But maybe there is more to her than she shows
Maybe she isn’t just scars
Looking inside I’ll find all her wrongs
But I can’t deny it all
Even though the viciousness is a gong
She’s risen a bit too many times from each fall
Stronger, maybe not
Resistant still,
Maybe she’s not as cruel as I thought
It’d be easy for me to deem her bad until
Yet again I’m saved
From what could have been
In blood it was engraved
What she was from within
So, I wash it all
The realization’s late
And even though small
But an empty space waits
I fill it with appreciation
And plead with all my might
As I despise my creation
But she’s forgiving despite
Some support is all she needed
To become whole one again
The hate deleted
She could live once again


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