Priyansh Agarwal: Start-up Starting Young 

Priyansh Agarwal is a 17-year-old entrepreneur, a full-stack developer and a marketing genius. He is the founder of two start-ups, BodyStat and Armix Media. He shares his story with ARNAY AGARWAL, founder of The Talk Bar, a YouTube channel that features young achievers.

Tell us more about your company, BodyStat.

At BodyStat, we aim to develop advanced, affordable and accessible medical solutions, mainly in the form of MedTech products and treatments. We initially started creating compact remote body monitoring devices, mainly in the form of watches that doctors could use to monitor their patients remotely, even from a distance. We developed the prototype and initially self-funded the company. Then, we started raising capital from companies and angel investors and held hackathons to scale up our start-up. We raised a total amount of approximately US $3,000.

What motivated you to start BodyStat?
In class 10, I started participating in competitions and hackathons, which transformed me as a person and helped me grow individually. Moreover, when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, I was already working on this project and so I thought it might help other patients as well. The driving factor for me was my hunger and passion to create a change in society and the industry.

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How do you manage your studies along with BodyStat?
I create a schedule for myself that I try to follow as much as possible. I also make a timetable for my studies and then prioritise the tasks that are more important.

Who is your role model?
Elon Musk. There are mainly three aspects that I admire the most about Musk—his determination, his innovation technology and his marketing tactics. I am also inspired by Indian entrepreneurs such as Kunal Shah and Varun Mayya.

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What are your plans for the future?
My focus is to expand my company passively and actively focus on getting into a good college so as to get more opportunities and build the kind of network that I want for myself.

What message would you want to give to our readers?
The reality is quite harsh. When you start something, you are all alone and people don’t believe in your vision and mission unless and until they observe substantial growth. So, my advice is to start small and grow big—be it your product, team or company, this is the general rule to follow. Pace your growth. Getting a positive return is all that matters in the end.

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17-year-old PRIYANSH AGARWAL believes that innovation and development are a major part of science and technology and when you have a love for them, there are no boundaries to success. Priyansh is building a remote monitoring system that will bring the cost of remote monitoring systems down by 97.27%. He is currently a student at the University of Texas in Arlington, USA.

Watch Priyansh’s complete interview here:

Arnay Agarwal, a class 9 student of Greenwood High, Bengaluru, is a young entrepreneur who founded eReadingShala at the age of 10 and StoryTelling Society of India at the age of 11. He also hosts a programme called ‘Motivation Madness’, where he gives motivational talks for children. He is a published author of three books, he has written around 100 articles and stories that have been published in India, UK and the US and his podcast has more than 24,000 listeners.
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