March 26, 2023

Rain-Rain Come Again

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

After the blazing hot summer days,
when the grass burns with sun’s rays,
everyone wants rainy days!”

Most of us await for the boisterous rainy days that spread greenery all around. Rain brings pleasant breeze, freshness in the atmosphere and lots of rain drops! The green grass seems to laugh merrily in the rain. Everyone enjoys rain, especially kids. They make paper boats and play in the mud puddle all day. Rain showers blessing to the environment. It revives the nature and mother earth from the heat. The fragrance of the wet soil melts everyone’s heart. Most of the delightful memories with my family is associated with rain. This year monsoon season brought lots of water. The sun’s scorching heat was at last replenished by the mighty rain. We were eagerly waiting for the monsoon season. The first day of the rain was terrible and unexpected but soon it became a part of our daily routine. There are sometimes when the rain creates havoc and gives people a hard time. One of my most unpleasant experience with rain goes back to last month.

It was a usual, rainy day. I was going to my music class with my mom. As we were happily walking down the lane, it suddenly started pouring heavily. Luckily we had our umbrellas. The weather started to get worse and soon the whole lane after us was blocked by rainwater. The umbrellas were good for nothing at that moment. I was completely drenched with water and was shivering with cold. The cold wind was pushing us backwards. My mom told to get a shelter in a shop. While walking towards the shop, an ugly earthworm landed on my feet. Without getting panicked, I picked it with my hands and put it back in the soil. We reached a nearby shop and stayed there for more than twenty minutes. When the devastating rain had stopped, we went back to our homes and I missed my music class that day. That was a disastrous journey.

Rains usually begin from middle of June and lasts till early September. From two days, I haven’t experienced any rain. It seems like the rainy seasons has ended and the new season, Autumn, is going to begin. I have already seen some first signals of the beginning of Autumn season. Now, let us all welcome the beautiful Autumn season. All the season has its own beauty, but monsoon will always remain my favorite season.

“As the rainy season comes to an end,
the charming, spirited monsoon descends,
now let us spend time with our new friend,
that is spring our new season trend!”


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