Raju and His Shower

Yajna M.C, Class 10, Jnana Ganga Central School, Sullia, Dakshina Kannada

It was April 1st 2019. Everyone around Raju were submitting their vow to god’s diadem. From his old religion succession, it’s believed that, heavy rain will be showered.

After the view, Raju came back to his home with his family and his friends. He leaned out his head out of the window, as he was expecting a shower. His mom served the remaining guest in the living room with a cup of tea and raju with a hot chocolate milk and a sandwich. Raju couldn’t take his eye from the sky, and he didn’t touch the food and drink. As the little boy expected, drizzling began and he was happy for that. He went out for no pleasure but to wet down his skin.

Everyone admired the passion and patience of the little kid. After waiting for more than 4 hours, raju was able to see, what he waited for. Raju’s determination and patience took him to a greater heights in life too.so what we are learning from this is, never give up soon, because you are always halfway there.


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