March 26, 2023

Ramadan Is Here!

Athiya Fathima Tawfiq, Class 7, Ummat Public School, Port Blair

The moon was spotted, Ramadan starts today.
Muslims around the world will fast, hooray!
This holy month, the very best,
For everyone, be our guest!
As angels lighten up the sky,
I see my Lord’s smile.
What a wonderful light!,
Shining so bright!
This is the month of giving,
With my lord, forgiving,
As there are happy holidays,
How relieving!
We share the dates,
We all fast,
I gave lots of charity to the needy,
I hope we are not greedy!
Everyone is happy,
And I am not snappy,
I control my tongue,
My eyes, my ears,
This month, there is no fear,
Ramadan will be great like it is.
I know it will..!
For Eid is coming,
And Ramadan, like it always is; is a BLAST!


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