Yeshwant Kumaran, Class 5, CS Academy, Coimbatore

On January 2nd, the class teacher of grade 5 Ms. Shay, treated the students to a picnic. A boy called Ash was asked to bring salt, to the picnic. The day of the picnic came and the picnic spot was full of lush greenery.

In the middle of a cricket match Ms. Shay asked, ‘Ash, where is the salt?’ In his fright he loosened his grip on the bat making it soar through the air. He turned ghostly pale and stammered, ‘Ma’am I didn’t bring the salt’. ‘Oh no! We wont be able to make a nice lunch without salt!’, exclaimed Ms. Shay. At that point Ash’s father said, ‘Don’t worry, I will go to the departmental store nearby and get it’. Ash climbed onto the motorcycle.

On the way, the two of them saw a man lying in a pool of ruby red blood, in the middle of the road. He was been beaten up very badly. They rushed off to the hospital with the injured man. He was admitted by a pair of alarmed nurses.

Ash and his father sped off to the nearest store, bought salt and returned to the picnic spot. Before Ms. Shay could scold Ash, his father explained her what they had witnessed. Suddenly, Ash remembered something! At the store he overheard two men talking about how they had beaten up a man, stole his bike and Fifty thousand rupees.

Ash explained this to his father and urged him to go to the police station. Ash told the chief of police, what he had overheard. With this information the police caught the culprits before midnight. He and his father were in the local newspapers for the good deed they had done.

Instead of being the laughing stock that he usually was, this time, he was hailed as a hero, a Superhero! All because he forgot a packet of SALT…


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