Sha And AA

Shayaan Alam, Class 4, Bridge International, Kolkata

Once upon a time, there were two brothers Sha and Aa. One day Sha was doing an experiment on animal DNA in his lab. When Aa entered and pressed a button. Sha said, “Aa get out.” The experiment went wrong, everything exploded in the lab. Sha got Aa to safety, but the chemical had gotten to him.

When Aa looked where sha was, no human body was found instead before Aa’s eyes was a creature with the head of a lion, body of a gorilla, legs of a cheetah, out of his back two symmetrical dragon wings. Suddenly out of his mouth came fire. The creature awoke and said “Aa are you okay?” Aa asked “Is that you ‘’ When he was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass.

Aa then resumed his question “Is that you Sha?” The creature said “Yes, Aa it’s me “Aa asked “Is there a cure for that condition?” Sha said, “It’s out there somewhere”, Pointing to the horizon.

And so with that the two brothers packed their bags and set out towards the south. After a few days of walking, the brothers reached a kingdom. They saw a cart of barrels hid under a big and black cloth, Sha took the cloth and used it to hide his body and after that they entered the kingdom. After a little time, the wind started ferociously and the cloth covering Sha blew away.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the army jumped out and surrounded the brothers. The army took the brothers to the king for judgement. After looking at Sha, the king declared to throw them in the dungeon, right after this the king’s daughter who appeared to be a girl with green skin and snakes for hair. The king said come my daughter. As the two brothers were being thrown in the dungeon.

On the first day in the dungeon the brothers had to eat gruel, on the following day the guards did not give them any food. Sha in anger punched the bars of their cell and the bars broke.

The guards came with their spears to attack from the back but as soon as the tips of the spears touched Sha’s skin they broke. The guards said, “how is that possible?’ then Sha defeated all the guards and just after that Sha’s body transformed back into Sha’s human form. The Brothers ran away from the dungeon and while passing the city they saw a contest for the princess’s hand in marriage. The announcer said, “That the winner of this contest will marry princess Medusa. “Sha entered the contest and won. He married princess Medusa and they soon fell in love.


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