Viaan Padliya, Class 4, CAJCS, Mumbai

Covid-19 A Lesson Learnt
Somewhere in November 2019…
There was a knock on the door of a scientist named Dr. Goodwill who had sent an SOS signal to Mars while studying the existence of life on the Red Planet.
Dr. Goodwill asked “Who is it?” “Hello, I am VMAX-50 from the planet Mars”, came the reply. Dr. Goodwill laughed, “Nice costume, but aren’t you little early for Halloween?”
VMAX-50 repeated, “I am a Martian. I received your cipher. How may I help you?”
“Oh! I remember now” replied doctor excitedly. “Can you take me to your planet?”
Martian wondered
“Goodness gracious! Earth is the coolest planet I know. Oh, and you have Dominos, McDonalds, and Starbucks too!”
Scientist interrupted “And so much pollution as well. Garbage in oceans, vehicles emitting smoke, and plastic litter all around. It’s painful.”
VMAX-50 agreed “If you promise to keep your surrounding clean and pollution free, I will come back after six months and take you along.”
After six months …
VMAX-50 exclaimed “Unbelievable! You have cleaned the whole planet. You kept your promise.”
Dr. Goodwill sighed “Sorry, but this is all because of Covid-19, not me.”
VMAX-50 inquired “Covid-19? Is he a Mercurian?”
Scientist explained “No it’s a deadly virus killing us human beings. We have been under lockdown for past few months.”

VMAX-50 insisted “In that case, we must leave immediately!”
Scientist apologized “I cannot leave my planet in this distressful condition. I will invent Corona vaccine and save lives.”
Martian intervened “But, people will be back to their ways of polluting Earth again.”
“I cannot be selfish and leave my people to suffer. I have realized the actual solution lies in educating people about concepts of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Together we will make this planet a better place to live.”


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