Super Girls

Malishka Panchani, Class 2, The Northstar School, Rajkot

My story is about me and my sister, Veda. She is a supergirl in my school. My school’s name is The Northstar School. Once upon a time, it was my first day of school, which was very good. But the next day went bad. We were playing in the play area and then suddenly we saw water start to come into the play area.

Then I called my sister to check where the water was coming from. We checked everywhere but missed that one tap of water in the washroom. So because of that, the whole washroom was filled with water. Then one of the girls from first grade started drowning in the water. So Veda and I used our superpower to save the girl. Everyone started clapping for us. The moral of the story is to always help each other.


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