Teamwork Win Championship

Anish Vedsen, Class 5, Global Indian International School, Whitefield, Bangalore

Once upon a time, Torto, the giant tortoise, lived with Speedy, the small, furry brown hare, in the deep, dense jungle. They used to have a lot of fun together. They decided to race one day to see who could be the fastest. Speedy believed he would easily win because Torto was slow. Both accepted the challenge.

When the race began, Speedy took off as quickly as possible, leaving Torto in his wake. He then heard a cry for help a few minutes later. Speedy returned and discovered Torto had fallen into a pit. When Speedy saw Torto in danger, he dug a burrow to assist him.
As he walked inside, he noticed an ant. “Why are you digging a burrow?” asked the ant. “My friend is in danger, and I will assist my friend,” Speedy responded.
What is your name, by the way? “My name is Antsy,” the ant said. “My name is Speedy, and this is Torto, my friend,” he said after assisting Torto.
We race to see who can run the fastest. Do you want to come along with us? Antsy became ecstatic. ” Of course! I’d love to participate and cheer on the winner.

And so the race went on. Speedy took off once more. Then he found himself on the bank of a large river. Speedy sighed because he didn’t know how to swim. When Torto arrived, he inquired, “Why are you sad?” “I don’t know how to cross this broad, deep river; now, how will I win the race?” said Speedy. “Don’t worry, my friend, now it’s my turn to help you,” Torto said. He suggested Speedy ride on his back as they crossed the river.

Torto was swimming in the middle of the river when he heard Speedy call out to him, “Torto, look back!” Torto came across a massive crocodile. He swam quickly, but the crocodile was right on his tail. “Help!” he and Speedy yelled, “A crocodile is chasing us!”. “Don’t be afraid; I am a kind crocodile; I will not eat you,” the crocodile said.
Torto calmed down, but Speedy remained terrified. Are you sure you’re nice? Speedy inquired, his voice shaking with fear. The crocodile laughed. “My name is Croco-the-cool, and of course, I am kind,” he replied.

Torto introduced himself and informed him that we were racing to see who could be the fastest. Do you want to join us? Croco-the-cool became enthralled. I’d be delighted to join you. I’ll wait and see who wins.

They resumed the race, but Speedy asked, “Why are we competing?” When we were in danger, we helped each other. Running against each other is pointless. Let’s run together because we’re friends. “Yes, you’re right, let’s run together,” Torto agreed.

They held hands and began running as fast as they could. Wormy the worm, Antsy, and Croco-the-cool waited for the winner at the finish line because the great historic race was being reenacted.

However, they noticed Speedy and Torto running together to the finish line, breaking the tape and winning. Everyone was delighted to witness their friendship. Speedy and Torto were best friends for life.

The moral of the story is that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”


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