Technology is Killing Creativity

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane

In a world full of gadgets and screens.
Where innovation fails and creativity leans.
Where screen replace the open skies
And apps replace human ties.
Our minds grow dull and grey
Our creativity just fades away.
The world is becoming a sterile place
With nothing left to touch or taste.
In this world that tech has made
Creativity has been blindly betrayed
We swipe and click, we scroll and tap
But our ideas seem to fall into a trap.
In olden times when people believed in art
And there was a room for every human heart.
Now technology is everywhere
No time for us to spare.
Look around in the beauty of nature
Show some love for the innocent creature
Those great mountains, big and strong
Those lively forests where they belong.
Think, Imagine and wonder
Before you make your biggest blunder
It’s time for us to empower young minds
That can change the world and make it kind.


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