The Adventure in Fantasy Ville

Aditi Rammohan, Class 5 B, NPS HSR, Bangalore

Chapter 1 – Who I Am

At the crack of dawn, a glimpse of sunlight slipped through the gloomy hospital sheets, and a soft wailing of a baby echoed through the empty hallways. A nurse’s shout proclaimed a bouncing baby girl born to the parents Sally and Jim of Fantasyville. Soon, the fairy family emerged – a father, a mother, and their baby – breaking into cheers. As the baby let out a heartwarming coo, the crowd erupted into a deafening round of applause, welcoming the little bundle of joy into Fantasyville. The father, tall yet thin, always wore a heartwarming smile; the mother, plump, jolly, and hardworking, loved their daughter dearly. The family, though not rich, was jolly, kind, honest, hardworking, loyal, and always ready to help those in need. After much thought, the parents named their baby girl Rosaline, signifying the beautiful and sweet flower. They loved her to bits.

The years passed in a blink of an eye, and Rosaline turned 18, officially an adult. Feeling the need to experience life and the real world, she bid her parents goodbye, leaving them with tears in their eyes and sadness in their hearts. Fantasyville floated above London, so she settled in a budget-friendly hotel named Hotel Luxuria. She was warmly welcomed and escorted to her charming room. Stepping out, she was awestruck by the beautiful grand structures surrounding her – shops, hospitals, malls, offices, post offices, and more, all more impressive than those in Fantasyville. A wave of homesickness hit her, and she instantly felt an urge to share this with her parents. Entering a shop, she couldn’t believe her eyes – the dresses back home were ragged, dirty, and disgusting, but here they were grand, big, beautiful, and spotless. Grabbing whatever she could, she headed to the counter. The counter lady, elegantly dressed with a smile, was short but thin. Rosaline, a lover of conversation, soon found herself a new friend.

Chapter 2 – Trouble is stirring up

Rosaline soon discovered that her friend had an identical dream: to explore the wide world. So, they decided to travel together. She invited her friend, Emily, to her cozy hotel room as a place to rest for the night. They ate a hearty meal, and soon their eyes shut. Her dream was terrifying; she saw what was happening back home—people were screaming for help, chaos was everywhere, her parents in jail. It was so frightening that she jolted up, screaming and crying. Emily, awakened by Rosaline’s distress, immediately comforted her friend and promised that they would find a way to save her hometown. Rosaline eventually fell back asleep, managing to dream happier thoughts. The next morning, she woke up determined to rescue her hometown, but Emily convinced her to recruit more people to assist in their mission.

Meanwhile, back in Fantasyville, an army of robots had attacked. They were big, fierce, and programmed for one thing: “TO DESTROY.” They would shout this command before wreaking havoc. The man controlling them was half robot from the waist down and half human from the waist up. His name was 727567964584639000000, a living nightmare.

Chapter 3 – Finding help

Back in London, Rosaline and Emily boarded an Emirates flight, deciding to head to New York as Emily had a friend there, and Rosaline had a cousin two years her senior. After a 7-hour flight, they landed at New York International Airport (NYIA). Checking out of the airport, they took a cab to a scenic and serene park. Sitting on a bench, surrounded by towering buildings, they tried to recall where Rosaline’s cousin and Emily’s friend might be located.

As dusk arrived, they were forced to leave the park as it closed. Waiting until the sun disappeared from sight, they hailed a cab and headed disheartenedly to a hotel. Booking a room, they slept undisturbed, exhausted as sloths. The following morning, they checked out, grabbed a cab, and went to a restaurant. Engaged in deep conversation, they were interrupted by a sudden shriek, “Hi Emily, Hi Romily’s friend and Rosaline’s cousin—they had become friends! After a quick round of hugs and kisses, Emily and Rosaline explained why they were there and the help they needed. Lilac (Rosaline’s cousin) leaned on Mary’s (Emily’s friend) shoulder. Once they absorbed the news, eager to act immediately (much like Rosaline in Chapter 2), they all went to the cozy, quaint apartment shared by Mary and Lilac. Mary suggested they go to a nightclub and party to rejuvenate themselves for the planning ahead. Choosing outfits, by the end, they shone like the sun.

Chapter 4 – Night in the Nightclub

The friends entered the nightclub looking as beautiful as ever, in awe of everything around them. They settled onto high chairs and ordered four champagnes, chatting about life’s ups and downs. They cheered and downed their drinks in one gulp, repeating the gesture for about an hour. In the midst of a conversation, someone declared, “Whoever wants this $9,270,000 prize should win the extreme dance competition.” They voted for Rosaline to compete. She signed up and was paired with a dance partner named Mike Williams. They moved gracefully to the beat, each step more elegant than the last. Half an hour later, they emerged victorious! Mike insisted that Rosaline take all the money as he had no need for it. At that moment, Rosaline seized the opportunity to explain about Fantasyville and asked for his help in saving it from the terrifying robots and their leader, Half and Half. Mike’s eyes lit up. “Of course! I’d be delighted. I’ve yearned for an adventure since childhood, and now it’s come true,” he exclaimed ecstatically. As dawn approached, the nightclub closed, and the five of them changed into nightclothes, settling into their cozy tents by the riverside.

Chapter 5 – How to Defeat

They all woke up at 12:00 pm and headed to the nearest restaurants to discuss plans. Mike had contacted all his friends, who were eager to help. They, in turn, rallied more support. In the end, they had 1000 people on board. Over the next month, they trained rigorously at the gym and in a private park, resulting in 1000 fully trained and equipped individuals. Rosaline looked at them, her eyes brimming with hope and happiness. Stepping to the center, she addressed them all, “Listen up. We’re up against an army of robots programmed to attack on sight. They’ll be lethal, so we need to be stealthy.” Mike’s friends exchanged worried glances, unprepared for this turn of events. Rosaline and her friends headed to a cafe for breakfast, then back to Lilac and Mary’s apartment for a deep discussion. “Can’t we fly to London?” asked Mary. Mike replied, “No, public transport won’t accommodate all 1000 soldiers.”

Meanwhile, outside, the soldiers were eating ham sandwiches, visibly concerned about what lay ahead. Inside, while her friends conversed, Rosaline delved into deep thought. Recalling a story her mother had told her about cities with portals, suddenly it clicked. There was one in Michigan, 28th Avenue, inside an old warehouse. She exclaimed to catch their attention, explaining, “We don’t need to travel to London. There’s a portal in Michigan that can take us to Fantasyville.” Her friends were astonished, asking in unison if she was serious or joking. Their identical reactions made them burst into laughter, but Rosaline, overwhelmed by the urgency of Fantasyville’s plight, was furious. “Why are you laughing? My hometown is suffering. Every second counts!” she cried before running away in tears.

Her friends were dumbstruck, unsure of what to do. Emily quickly regained her senses and chased after Rosaline, banging on her bedroom door. After no response, Emily banged louder until she heard sobs from within. Everyone felt the weight of Rosaline’s words. They had been enjoying themselves without considering her feelings. Suddenly, a loud noise, a scream, and a thud echoed through the house. Everyone froze. Mike kicked open the door, and they rushed in to find chaos—a broken window, a dangling rope. The girls screamed and cried, collapsing to the floor. Shocked, Mike sat down, wide-eyed. That night, they did everything in silence, crying themselves to sleep.

Chapter 6 – Saving a True Friend

Rosaline was shoved into a car, her hands and legs tied and gagged. She looked petrified. “What are these people going to do to me?” she thought. The next morning, she arrived somewhere—an old warehouse—and the signboard of the shop next to it indicated they were in Michigan. “This must be the second portal,” Rosaline mumbled to herself. She was pulled out of the car and into the warehouse. The warehouse was large but dusty, rusting, and filled with cobwebs. Rosaline was pushed into a chair, ungagged, and tied. The monster of her dreams stood before her, half and half.

Half and Half started asking her questions about everything, but she remained silent and didn’t answer anything. Half and Half got furious and was nearly electrocuted when, suddenly, the warehouse door came down, revealing her friend holding guns and wearing armor. Behind them, there were 20 police officers. All the robots put their hands up, but Half and Half bolted to the cupboard, locking himself in, which activated the portal. He shouted “Ciao” and disappeared. All the robots were shut down, Rosaline was untied and fed. She hugged her friends, and they all went to a hotel. To Rosaline’s surprise, all the soldiers were there, a room for each. Mike said their money was being spent and that they couldn’t stay here for more than two weeks. Rosaline nodded and went to sleep as she was completely tuckered out.

Chapter 7 – Again, Not Fair

The next morning, while the soldiers ate omelets, the friends sat around the table with determined looks on their faces. Rosaline particularly felt very happy, hopeful, and proud of her friends. They all put on armor and took some weapons, but Rosaline and Lilac each took a spare wand. They struck a battle pose while the soldiers lined up in front of the gate. Just before they left, Mike told all of them to wear oversized clothes, or the cops would arrest them. So, they wore some oversized clothes too and marched out and away.

Rosaline and Mary were double-checking the plan because everything needed to go perfectly—no twists, no mistakes, and everyone’s cooperation. In ten minutes, they had reached the warehouse. First, the fairies went through the portal, then the soldiers, and the rest of the friends. While they went through the portal, they started getting bad visions of the past. By the end of the portal, the looks on their faces showed sheer exhaustion. But before they could take a step, they felt a sting, and their eyes shut.

A short while after, Rosaline’s eyes fluttered open; she was the first to recover. She screamed through her gags. Half and Half appeared. “Mommy dearset, sorry I have to do this to you, but it is destiny,” he cackled. Rosaline looked confused but consoled herself by thinking he had a screw loose. She woke up Emily, who was just beside her; then Emily woke up Mike, and so on. Soon, Rosaline could hear whispering and squeaky voices as everyone was scared. They had never been in this condition, this situation—none had ever imagined they would end up like this, none except Rosaline. She had planned for this to happen. She instructed her friends to wiggle their heads so that the gags would slip down (as they were not tied properly). Then they silently bit the ropes on their hands, freeing themselves from the chair. Rosaline did a head count, and once she was sure everyone was there, they ran out the door and hid in a cave.

One hour later, Half and Half came to check on his prisoners and saw untied and bitten ropes but no prisoners. He didn’t scream; instead, he looked joyful and left the hideout to torture the people a bit more. Rosaline let out a sigh of relief when she saw him walk past the cave towards the dungeon. They all sneaked out to the village. People looked confused at them— who were these people? Why was Rosaline with Lilac? Weren’t they exploring the world? These were the questions in everyone’s mind as they walked past. Rosaline and Lilac’s little cousins came shouting, “Rosaline! Rosaline, Lilac! Lilac!” Rosaline and Lilac smiled and shooed them away. They walked to the center where they could see all four lanes. Rosaline transformed her wand into a megaphone and said, “I am Rosaline. I am here with my friends and cousin. We will save Fantasyville, but we can’t do it alone. Please help us in saving this land from eternal doom.” In a fraction of a second after saying that, everyone came out of their houses, shouting, “I’m in! What should I do?” and “Bring it on.”

Chapter 8 – A Worrying War

The following morning, Rosline and Emily led half of the army into battle for the first attack, while Mary and Lilac worked on freeing the prisoners. Mike, occupied with explaining strategies to the second attack team, ensured preparations were in place. Then the war commenced. If you had been present, the terror of the ongoing war on the right would have made you scream. Casualties mounted as the conflict persisted through the night and into the next morning. Most of the robots had been eliminated, yet in the process, many were injured or lost. Rosaline sent a message to Mike, Mary, and Lilac, instructing them to lead the prisoners and the remaining people for the second attack.

Chapter 9 – A Twist

Finally, Mike, Lilac, and Mary arrived at the battlefield to initiate the second attack. The people displayed emotions of sadness, anger, and worry. This moment could either mark the end of their lives or restore normalcy. However, they had little time to dwell on it, as the second attack alarm sounded, demanding swift action. Suddenly, Emily approached Half and Half and whispered something in his ear, leaving everyone astonished. Then, Half and Half did something so surprising that it caused some to faint. He revealed numerous boxes painted in steel color. A dashing young boy with golden hair akin to Rosaline’s and a face resembling Mike’s introduced himself, saying, “My name is Ryder. My sister is Emily, my mom is Rosaline, and my dad is Mike. Our mom informed us about this adventure and instructed us to travel back in time and follow her guidance.” Rosaline and Mike exchanged looks and exclaimed, “You are our kids!” Emily confirmed, “Yes, Mom, we were just following instructions.” Rosaline’s eyes welled with tears as she ran to her children, embracing and kissing them. Tears filled the eyes of everyone, even the robots displayed emotions on their screens, expressing joy. Emily and Ben wielded wands, creating a time portal, and after multiple kisses and hugs with their parents, they disappeared into it. After their departure, Rosaline turned to Mike, expressing, “Our kids—what a wonderful feeling it was to see them,” as they gazed beyond the horizon. This marked the end of their adventure, and they lived happily ever after.

December, 2023

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