The Anonymous Treasure

Bismaad, Class 8, Learning Paths School

A big city in Manoba was Cather. Me and my parents had just shifted there after my mother’s transfer. My parents got my admission done in The William Cather School. After some days of living in Cather, we heard people talking about an ancient treasure buried by a king several years ago in Cather but no one knew where. As Cather was a big city, it was near to impossible to find that treasure.

I had also studied in my previous school about a king and it’s army who were attacked by a huge storm several years ago, they were carrying huge amounts of gold with them. Unfortunately, they had to bury the gold under the ground to keep it protected, they thought that once the storm was silent they could take out the gold but the storm was so disastrous that no one could survive it and the gold was buried forever under the ground.

Due to the pandemic in the past two years, our school suffered from a high financial crisis as many parents lost their jobs, they could not pay the fees. Our school really needed a large amount of money and only a miracle could solve this problem.

During recess me and my friends were playing cricket in the school playground as usual but our ball went far in the bushes at the back of our playground. The ball we had was a special one as there was a magnet attached to it so that it doesn’t roll far away. When I went into the bushes to find the ball, I was shocked to see that the ball’s magnet was attracted towards the ground. I tried to pull it up but it felt like a very strong magnet was attracting the magnet towards it. I called my friends to check if i wasn’t dreaming but my friends also agreed with me and were shocked. I called my teacher to look into the matter, and she decided to dig at that place.

Next day the area was dug and the entire school was shocked to see ancient coins made of gold with the name of the king who had suffered from the storm minted on them. Some staff members of our school became so greedy after seeing the highly lustrous gold shining in their eyes that they decided to keep the gold without informing the police or the government, but the principal of our school decided to hand over the gold to the police even when he knew about the financial crisis of our school.

The police were shocked to see the condition of the gold, it was as lustrous as new. No one could believe that this was buried several years ago. The police decided to hand over the gold to the school owner as the gold was buried inside the school property and also as a reward for showing honesty. That gold also solved the huge financial crisis that was going on in the school so that the school could provide better facilities to the students. Our school rewarded me and my friends for helping the school.


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