The Cookies

Gayathri Muddu, Class 4, CHIREC International School, Hyderabad

Once in a little town near the sea, there lived a baker. His name was Vishnu.

Vishnu made the best cookies in the town. The other bakers burned with anger when they saw their customers leave and go to Vishnu’s shop.

The main reason that all the customers went to Vishnu was because Vishnu made the best cookies in town. The other bakers tried to spy on Vishnu but since Vishnu did all of the baking near the beach the other bakers couldn’t see what he did to make such delicious cookies.

One day Vishnu had to go out of town for some work. The other bakers clapped with joy. Vishnu left his secret ingredient and recipe at home! The other bakers saw this and copied the recipe.Soon their cookies were tasting better than Vishnu’s!

Vishnus was not aware of all this happening and was returning home after completing his work. When he was walking through a dense forest, he suddenly spotted a piece of paper fluttering on the path. He picked it up and found a recipe for some dish. Vishnu, being the kind hearted person he was, picked it up and looked around to see whom it belonged to. He saw a frantic-looking man who looked as though he was trying to find something.

“Are you trying to find something, sir?” Vishnu asked gently.
“Not any of your concern”the man snarled.
“I can help you”, Vishnu continued.
“Like you can!!”, replied the man still snarling.
“Are you looking for a recipe?”, Vishnu asked.
“Were you spying on me!?” the man said looking as though his head was going to explode.

Vishnu shook his head and gave back the recipe.
“I found it near the bushes only! I promise.”
Suddenly, there was a flash of light and lord Brahma appeared in front of Vishnu.
Vishnu immediately fell to the ground to take his blessings.
“My child, you have proven your worth, it was I who took the form of that man and even after I was so rude to you, you still helped me. in return, I would like to give you some thing.

This is the world’s tastiest dish’s recipe. Also,there is another thing I wanted to mention ,the other bakers in your town have made better things than you by copying your recipe.”
Vishnu looked thunderstruck “So use the recipes wisely” lord Brahma finished.

The next day Vishnu returned to his shop and experimented a new recipe with chocolate, cake batter and coffee icing. It tasted so very good!! The next day he put a sign outside his shop:
Chocolate coffee truffle cake
Starting at 100 Rs each

And soon he got his customers back. This time he was extra careful about his recipe so that the vicious neighbours don’t get a hold of it.🙂



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