The Disobedient Pigeon

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

In Musky’s family all the pigeons learned to fly but little Musky the pigeon never cared about flying. He loved to walk on the street with the humans. Musky used to roam all day with generous people who would give him plenty of grains. Musky would get up early in the morning and would walk on the street. He would spend his summer days roaming on the streets and pecking grains given by the tourists. At the end of the day Musky would hide behind a blueberry bush in his nest. Poor Musky had never explored the world from the vast blue sky. His parents were very anxious about his future but Musky would assure them that soon he will learn to fly.

One day, while Musky was munching the grains, his mother Robbie came and started scolding him.
“Musky, I am very upset with you. When will you learn to fly in the open sky?”.
“I will soon learn to fly Mom!” he said lazily.
“I don’t know Musky. You are a very lazy boy!” said Robbie and flew back high in the sky.

Sunny days passed away and Musky enjoyed a lot. Winter began to enter the town. The blueberry tree where Musky used to stay was covered with snow.

“Alas, those juicy blueberries are over!” said Musky.
The streets where once people used to gather, was now fully empty. Musky started to feel weary and lazy. He was soon starving for food and cried for his family. One afternoon, Musky saw a flock of pigeon flying towards North and he soon recognized his whole family. They were migrating to North where it was summer. Musky too wanted to escape from the harsh weather. He remembered what his mother had told. She had advised him to learn flying but Musky didn’t listen.

“I wish I would have obeyed my mother!” cried Musky. The cold wind blew touching the outlines of the poor pigeon’s body which was curled in snow.

“Not only humans but animals also disobey their parents. The only greatest living being in this world is the one who understands the importance of what our elders say.” said Robbie who had come back to her nest in Spring. She was weeping in grief after seeing Musky, the bird who never learned to fly.


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