The Forbidden Throne

Kaiden Hsu, Class 2, Bridge International School, Kolkata

Once upon a time there lived a farmer named John. He was a very kind man. He was tall with dark hair and a long beard. He lived with his wife Clara and his two children Dash and Ashley. His brother Jack who lived in the next village likes to visit him and his family.

Their farm was in a valley which had a cave nearby. No one knew about the cave because it was hidden in the woods. Legend has it that three dragons lived in it protecting the throne of the dark Lord. Whoever tried to sit on the throne would be sent to the dark Lord through a magic portal.

Out of curiosity, Jack wanted to find out for himself if it was true. During one of his visits to John’s place, he sneaked out and went into the cave. He was warned by his brother not to do so but he paid no attention to him.

As he got closer to the cave, he felt more and more excited and scared at the same time. The cave was brightly lit inside by the holes on the walls and it was covered with thick vines. As Jack walked into it, he saw colourful crystal walls. It was like walking in a hall of mirrors. After walking past the crystal walls, he got out of the other side of the cave and there it was, in the middle of the waterfall, a grand looking throne with a crown made of precious stones.

The throne was so beautiful that he was very tempted to sit on it. He hopped across the stream over the stones and as he was about to sit on the throne, he heard a loud roar.

When he turned back, he saw the dragons standing before him. Huge, majestic and dangerous dragons. They were so swift that he had no time to respond. He was immediately swooped up by the dragons and transferred to the dark Lord through the magic portal. The dark Lord punished him for sitting on his throne by turning his into a dragon. He never saw his brother again.

If he had listened to his brother and not gone into the cave, he would have been alive as a man today.
This story teaches us that curiosity without proper precautions always leads to trouble.


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