The Island of No Dwellers

Aayan Kumar P G, Class 3, Blue Blocks School, Hyderabad

Flying in a hot air balloon,
I saw an island,
Very colourful,
There was no life.
I went down.
I was thinking of flower beds,
Found a vast litter ground instead,
Full of litter,
Colourful litter.
An island with no dwellers,
How did the litter come about?
A thought started to mount,
Much of our litter,
Much of our garbage,
Enters oceans on a never ending voyage.
A battery from World War 1,
Plastics travelled 10,000 kms from the Island of Fun.
A chocolate wrapper,
From the days of our great great grandfathers,
All these and so much more,
Had reached this island and made themselves home.
I took flight,
Away from the awful smell and sight.
This idea of home is not cool,
Let’s not make ourselves fool,
Let’s pledge,
We will not let our Earth run down by garbage.


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