The Mysterious Adventure

Anjali S A, Class 6, The School of The Good Shepherd, Kerala

Once there lived a girl named Ava who lived with her parents and elder brother in Utah, North America. Her parents were Amelia and Kyle. They were wildlife explorers. Her brother Reo is a wildlife photographer. During the weekends Ava and her family go to nearby forests where they would track down animals, take pictures and help the injured ones. One day when Ava came back from school she saw that her parents were looking at books and her brother was looking at his camera. Ava went to her brother and asked “What are you looking at ?” Reo: “I am looking at a picture which I took when mom, dad and I went to explore another forest in the morning” Ava: “Is that why mom and dad are looking at books which match the same color of the animal in the photo ?” Reo: “Yes” Amelia: “Reo, we can`t find any animals that match the photo” Kyle: “I think it`s a new species” Reo: “Dad we can`t be sure that it`s a new species since the photo was blurry” Ava: “Maybe we could go to the forest in the evening where Reo took the picture and find out if it`s a new species or not” Everyone agreed to Ava and in the evening they went to the forest and started searching for the animal. “Look! I found paw prints” Ava shouted. Everyone came near and observed the paw prints. Amelia: “I`ve never seen such small paw prints in this part of the forest” Ava: “Mom I see some more paw prints up ahead. I think we should follow them” Amelia: “That will help us find the animal that we were looking for” “I can`t wait to take some photos of the new animal” Reo said with excitement. They followed the paw print path until it stopped. “What happened to the paw print path?” asked Ava. Suddenly a sound came behind some bushes. When they looked behind the bushes they found a black footed ferret family. Amelia : “These are not new species, these are black footed ferrets.” Reo: “But Mom, their paws match the paw prints on the ground” Kyle: “It’s true. Not only that they are one of the most rarest animals in North America” Ava: “So we didn’t find any new species instead we found a rare species” Reo: “Yes Ava. I also took some photos of them so we could remember them whenever we open my wildlife photography book” Amelia: “It is getting dark and time to go back home. Say bye bye to the ferret family” Ava: “Bye ferret family. We will miss you” The whole family had an amazing and adventurous day.

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