The Mysterious Case of Missing

Aarunika Dass, Class 3, Sushila Birla Girls School, Kolkata

Mr. Johnson was a great inventor. The world knows him as a great scientist. But he had another interesting and secrete identity i.e. Detective John.

Once he had a very mysterious mission. Suddenly people started disappearing from different places from all over the World. Many authorises from powerful countries tried their level best but failed to succeed. People were still disappearing day by day.

It was New Year Eve. but there were no good news regarding the missing case. On that day when he was going for his dawn walk, he saw a spaceship is landing on a green grass field in disguise. He quickly hides in a bush and saw a young woman was taken away inside the spaceship. “Oh! no! now I can understand the matter”. He whispered to himself.

Detective John then decided to capture them. To do so he needed a space rocket. So he started to build the space rocket. It took almost a year. Finally he got ready with his alien space suit and get into his rocket. Then took off with the count — 3 2 1 and blast off!

After a while, he saw the alien ship near the first Milky Way came on his way. John kept his rocket on disguise mode which looked as a big fat alien so that real alien pretended him as their new friend.

They all then started talking in secret code language. It was not at all difficult for John as he was a great scientist. Alien didn’t notice that Mr. John decoding all the number locks of every cell of humans with his hidden remote.

He started teaching aliens new interesting games and while playing he placed notes in every cells of humans how they may escape from alien spaceship to his rocket. He was playing games in such a way that humans could run and hoped to the John’s rocket.

Once every humans escaped Mr. John said “May I have one or two alien treats!” in number coding language. All aliens were very happy with new types of games so went busy to brought treats for new friend. Mr. John noticed that aliens kidnapped humans because they want to know and make new friends.

He wrote a loving letter in number code language and promise to meet them near the park every year on 31st December. Then he press his secrete remote button and came back to his rocket and sent a goodbye number code massage to his new Friends.

Our hero Mr. Johnson requested every human on mother earth to be friendly and helpful to each other.


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