The Mysterious Diamond Necklace

Rishel Bhalla Bhatia, Class 6, Pathways School, Gurgaon

Plot: A boy named Zack Pierce, 15 years old, finds a diamond necklace on his bus seat, whispering his name to him. He decides to wear the chain, which, once he reaches home, turns him into a superhero called Diamonte Noir. This necklace is powerful because it gives the power of strength and camouflage. He uses diamond blades and bullets to fight. Because of this power, another person called Jack Teivel ( Finarx) wants this power because he is jealous of Diamonte Noir. He hates superheroes because he is jealous of their powers
It was a pleasant morning in Sydney when I boarded the school bus to find a diamond necklace on my seat. I could hear it calling my name, Zack Pierce repeatedly, so I decided to wear the necklace and see what it would do once I got home.
After School
“Hi, sweetie how was school?” Mom said, picking me up from my stop.
I had tucked the necklace in my shirt earlier so she didn’t see it “ It was ok” I said casually, not wanting to raise suspicions.
“Okay,” Mom said.
We had reached home “I’m going to go change my clothes,” I told my mom
I ran up to my room, locked the door and closed my curtains
I tapped the necklace and some sort of spirit entered my mind. “Hello Zack Pierce, You have been gifted the Power of Black Diamond.
I was shocked, “What happened to the other black diamond Owner?”
“He died of old age,” The spirit in a shape of a cat said sniffing, “ Uh yeah, so your name and the magic words to transform is Diamonte Noir,”
I repeated “ Diamonte Noir”
He muttered “ Happens every time,” He took a deep breath and said, “You have to say it confidently like you mean business.
I tried again, “ Diamonte Noir!” I said strongly. I immediately transformed and looked something like this

The cat spirit said, “ Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Chachingafachokasetoblackie Bishabesdiana Kesakevaneso, but you can just call me Blackie!”
I was thinking, Holy Jesus! What a big name, but I was wise enough not to say that out loud.
“Okay Chachingafachokasetoblackie Bishabesdiana Kesakevaneso AKA Blackie, pleasure meeting you!” I said politely.
“YOU REMEMBER MY NAME?! Oh just forget it, anyways, we have a crime to solve!”
“What crime?” I asked
“Bank robbery, let’s get movin’!” He said teleporting me.
We reached on top of a grey-coloured building. I realised that we were right on top of the bank!
“Wear this mask when we are on sneaky missions. It ensures that we can talk without anyone else hearing us,” Blackie told me.
I nodded and put it on. “ Let’s do this,” I used my handy stick to swing myself down and into the bank, landing without a single thud. Blackie has wings (Lucky!), so he can follow me without a problem
I galloped like a ballerina, not making noise, and saw this ninja dude in black, and yes he did have a katana. I immediately hid behind the wall. I was scared. “ What do I do Blackie?”
“Stop the hilarious dude! This is the easiest and most basic crime ever!”
I blushed, embarrassed.
“Time to get this buster!”I said. Without thinking, I pounced on him, knocking him down.
The ninja pushed me off and pointed his katana at my neck, “Diamonte Noir? Aren’t you dead?” The ninja said wide-eyed.
I removed my mask and said “Let’s just say that Diamonte Noir is reborn,”, I kicked him in the stomach, making him back down. I used the end of my stick to pick up the bag of money quickly and tossed it into the safe.
“Shit!” The ninja exclaimed. He grabbed my arm without warning and pushed me on the floor.
“Ouch!” I winced
The ninja chuckled “Ooooh who’s going to save you now? How about I take that little diamond necklace of yours-”
“Not happening, Buster,” A girl who looked exactly like me, a diamond necklace and all, came out of nowhere and pounced on the ninja. “ Lock the safe idiot!” She shouted, “Diana, phone the police, will ya?” She put her weight onto the ninja.
I ran and locked the safe with the help of Blackie.
I could hear sirens. “Let’s go Blackie,” I used the stick to swing myself atop the bank. The girl followed me too.
“Hey,” The girl said, “You’re new too?” She asked.
“Yeah..” I said.
“Well, My name is Diavante Noir,” She said.
“I’m Diamonte Noir,” I said.
“So, wanna be partners?” She asked.
I smiled “Why not?”
“Okay so we can talk in school, My real identity is-” She got cut off by her spirit cat, whose name is Diana,
“Diavante, You cannot tell him. It shall remain secret until the time is right,”
Blackie nodded to Diana “That is true, unfortunately,” He said.
“Oh well, until next time!” I waved and looked at Blackie.
He teleported me back home.
I immediately laid down and fell asleep on my bed.
Next Morning
“Wake up!” Blackie shook me awake. “Your mom is coming and you haven’t de-transformed yet!”
“How am I supposed to do that?” I asked, yawning.
“Diamonte out!” Blackie said.
“Diamonte out!” I said, transforming back to the original me
“That went well, she’s almost here! Pretend to sleep!” Blackie said disappearing into the depths of my backpack.
My mom enters my room. “Zack! Wake uppppppppppp!”
I groaned “ I’m up,”
“Good, you have 15 minutes to get ready.” My mom said, as she made an exit and shut the door. I got dressed for school and went downstairs with my backpack. “I’m ready,” I said
“Exactly on time! Let’s go now.”
“Dad left for work?”
My mom smiled sadly “He had an early meeting,”
“He always does,” I muttered sadly.
At School
As I entered breakfast I saw a girl named Diva. I realised that she looks a lot like Diavante Noir
Diavante Noir:


Look at the eyes and hair, perfect match! But I decided not to tell Blackie about this.
A couple of days later at 6:00 PM
“Zack! There’s a villain recking havoc on _____ street!” Blackie told me.
“Well, bad luck for them” I grinned at Blackie.
Blackie grinned back, realizing what I meant.
“Diamonte Noir!” I said transforming “Blackie, teleport me,”
“Yessir!” He said closing his eyes.
We reached ____ Street finding a Ninja along with his ninja gang terrorising the poor people with guns, and chanting, “Diamonte Noir and Diavante Noir, reveal yourself!” The ninja shouted.
“Sometimes I wonder if you have eyes! I’m right here!” I laughed, embarrassing him.
“I totally agree,” Diavante Noir joined in, laughing.
I mouthed the word ‘Now’ to Diavante. She nodded and, with our sharp claws, started knocking down the Ninja’s gang together. All of a sudden, someone jumped on me. I tried to turn my head but I couldn’t.
“Ugh!” I heard Diavante saying, “ Lemme go!”
My common sense told me that someone must have caught her. “Blackie!” I called out to him “Help!”
Blackie, my lovely little (Don’t tell him I said that) cat came to my rescue. He pulled that stranger off me so that I could run to Diavante’s assistance.
I growled at the ninja, who was holding Diavante firm in place.
“LEMME GO DUMBO!” Diavante shouted at The Ninja, “You are so dumb, idiotic, stupid, idiot, brat-”,
The Ninja ignored her, facing me and said “Aren’t kitty cats supposed to purr and meow?”.
That made me mad “Well this one doesn’t buster,” I said, punching him “Kitty cats aren’t supposed to punch either, right? Well, this one just did. I’m amazed by how dumb you are!”
“One of you just give me that diamond necklace and this will all be over!”

“Of course not!” I said happily
“I’m not joking, we would never have to cross paths again,”
“You’re very deceiving, but not enough for me,” I said, kicking him in the face. I also clicked a picture of him with my eye, uhmm, whatever it is, so that I could scan his eyes later on.
“See ya later losers!” Diavante and I shouted, swinging ourselves up the building using our sticks.
“Diavante, we need to talk,” I said.
“Okay, but where?” She asked
I looked at Blackie who looked at Diana. Diana nodded, so Blackie said, “The old Diavante and Diamonte Noir had a secret base,”
Diavante and I raised our eyebrows.
“It’s on __ street, very nearby,” Blackie said
My eyes widened, I live on that street!
“Well, lead the way,” I said to Blackie.
At the base.
“So I clicked a pic of the Ninja dude so we can find out more about him,” I informed them.
“ Let’s have a look,” Diana said.
“Here,” I projected the image on the wall. Here’s how the dude looks-

Yep, That’s him. That’s too many swords bro! He has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, 10 swords! That’s too many swords bro!
“Zoom in so I can see his eyes,” Blackie said.
“ Okay,” I said zooming in the image.
“Give me a day, I will find out who this guy is,” Blackie said smiling.
“ Well then, I’ll be off now,” Diavante said.
“Diavante, a word please?” I asked.
“Sure,” She said.
I cleared my throat, “Alone,”
Blackie must have guessed because he asked “You know who she is don’t you?”
“Uhhhh,” I said.
Diana said, “They were destined to know..”.
I nodded and said, “Diavante, are you a girl named Diva?”
“Diamonte are you a boy named Zack?” She responded
“We’ll say our answers at the same time, 3,2,1-”
“Yes,” We said at the same time
“Well then…” I said, looking at my feet.
“See you at lunch?”
“Sure!” I said, making my exit
Next day at lunch
“Hey,” Diva AKA Diavante came to my table.
All my friends gave me a look that said “Why is this girl talking to you right now?”
I quickly said, “Oh I forgot to tell you that I’m sitting with her today, see ya guys around!”
They smiled awkwardly and waved as I walked away with Diva.
We sat down at an empty table.
“So,” Diva said, “Has Blackie, uh, you know?”
“He’s in my bag, let me communicate with him,”
I touched my necklace and whispered Blackie. Blackie responded “What happened Zack? Everything alright?”
I switched to talking through my mind, “ Have you figured out who The Ninja is,”
Blackie sighed, “ I am sorry, I have failed you, Zack. I could not find out today and will try my best to figure it out by next week…”
“Next week?!” I shouted accidentally. The cafeteria stared at me as if I was a lunatic. I blushed, embarrassed and told Blackie through my mind “It’s alright Blackie, everything will be alright!”
Blackie thanked me for his forgiveness and we both said bye.
“ I’m guessing it’s going to take longer than expected,”
I nodded “That is true but does not matter. Knowing his identity is little help to us,”
Diva stared at me.
“Ok Ok, it would make a difference, but with the sort of act we’ve got, no one can defeat us,” I said.
“That positive mindset won’t help us for long, Zack, someday, we will be defeated by the Ninja dumbo,”
“Sheesh, you’re scaring me!”
A smile crept on Diva’s face.
I looked at my watch. “Oh, I better take my leave, I have class in 5 minutes,”
“Oh, same here!” Diva said looking at her watch.
We waved farewell and headed for our classes.
After School
“Hey, son,”
“Hey Dad, WAIT, WHAT?”
“We need to talk,” My mom said, ignoring me.
I got worried, “About what?”
“About your mysterious disappearances,” Dad said.
“The other evening, Your door was locked and I banged on it for who knows how long! Then I noticed you were wearing a diamond necklace!” Mom exclaimed, reaching forward to show proof.
I was shocked. I was scared. I ran up to my room and locked the door.
I whispered to Blackie, “What do I do? Will I have to give up my powers if I tell?”
“Are your parents good people?” Blackie whispered back.
“WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?” My Mom shouted.
“Yes, they are” I whispered, even more softly
Blackie sighed, “ Tell ‘em later, we’ve gotta run”
Perfect timing, I thought as I said “Diamonte Noir!”
I leapt out of the window just in time as my parents got the key and unlocked my room to find it empty and the window open.
Blackie teleported me to the site.
“What took you so long?” Asked Diavante as she fought using her stick with The Ninja
I rushed to her assistance.
All of a sudden someone jumped on me,
“Not so fast!” The weird girl said.
“Are you… The Ninja Girl”
“Firstly that dude is called Finarx, and secondly, I’m Finarax,” The girl said
“Oh, ANYWAYS, I used my stick to hit her in the stomach, making her yelp and stand up.
“Sorry!” I said, Running to Diavante.
“HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THE RULE OF ‘NO HITTING GIRLS’?” She shouted at what seemed like the top of her lungs.
She targeted all her ten swords at me.
I found myself surprised that the swords were not able to hit me, Because I was surrounded by a dome of black diamonds!
“Congratulations on unlocking your first power!” Blackie said.
“Ooookay, How do I turn this off,” I asked.
“Snap,” He answered.
I snapped my fingers, and the dome came down, to find an awestruck Finarax. I used my dome power to make a dome around Finarax.
I made the dome into a bubble and asked blackie to teleport it to the sea, and he did. Then I removed the dome.
Then I turned my attention to Diavante. She had also unlocked her first power and used the same trick as me.
“Phew, that was scary,” Diavante said.
“ I know. Finarx has a new partner now, which makes it even harder for us,” I sighed
Diavante gave me a confused look.
“The ninja is called Finarx and his companion is called Finarax,” I explained.
“She acts like a psycho,” Diavante said shivering
“Total psycho!” I exclaimed.
She laughed and so did I.
“I think I need to go now, I’ll tell you why later,” I said running back to my house.
“Bye!” She said waving me off.
At Home
I entered the house to find my parents right at the door.
“Well, what do you have to say for yourself,” My dad questioned, clearly not in a good mood.
I thought for a second, then said, “Well, there’s this new superhero called Diamonte Noir and he’s really cool, so whenever I get to know he’s fighting, I go to the scene to observe,” I looked at my feet.
My parents looked at each other.
“I don’t believe you,” My mom said, “You look down at your feet when you’re lying,”
“Ok fine! I’ll tell you the real reason!” I sighed and whispered everything to them.
My parents were shocked. They hugged me and apologised. I made them swear to not tell anyone unless I let them.
“Well, you should do your homework now,” Mom said.
“Alright,” I said, walking to my room.
The Next Day At School
I walked inside the school building to find a Ninja with a microphone saying “DIAMONTE AND DIAVANTE NOIR, COME UP HERE RIGHT NOW!”. A crowd of students were gathering to see what was going on.
Diva came to me, “What are we going to do?”
“Go to class and ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. There should be a window so climb outta there and meet me outside. Be quick!” I whispered.
“Good plan,” She whispered back.
We both headed to our classes.
At Zack’s classroom
As soon as I entered I said, “Mr Henry? May I use the washroom? It’s urgent!”.
Mr Henry sighed and said “ If you want to see the commotion outside, just go, it was supposed to be a fun class anyways,”
At that, everybody rushed outside.
At The Meet Up Zone
“Took you long enough!” Diavante said as I jumped out of the boy’s bathroom window.
“Shut up and get going,” I said.
She rolled her eyes as we sped off.
We reached the school entrance and barged in.
“Hey Pinata Finata, whatever your name is, what do you think you’re doing in a freaking school?” Diavante said.
“My name’s Finarx, and I’m here to GET THAT NECKLACE!”
Finarax jumped out of nowhere and used her swords as bullets, firing at us.
We put on our shields.
“I think it’s time we fight back,” I told Diavante.
Diavante responded, “I know that, but with what?!?”
Blackie interfered “Use your diamonds,”
I was confused “What do you mean by diamonds?”
“I got it!” Diavante exclaimed, “Our main power is diamonds, and diamonds are sharp, We can use them like knives or fire them like bullets!”
“Yeah but how?” I asked
“Ah ha!” I exclaimed, “Picture super sharp diamonds firing at your target!”
“Visualise, got it,” Diavante said.
We let down our shields and started firing.
“AH!” Finarax exclaimed, as a Diamond hit her. She ran. Finarx followed
“You will pay!” Finarx said as he made a quick exit.
Diavante and I watched him go.
The students cheered for our victory. I smiled awkwardly at them and whispered to Diavante, “We should leave now,”
She nodded in agreement.
When Zack Returned to class
“Zack! What took you so long?” Mr Henry asked.
I responded “Stomach trouble,”
Everybody in my class started giggling.
“OKAY! That’s enough. The principal has decided to cancel school for today because of the commotion that was caused. You will all be going home by bus,”
Everyone was cheering (Including me).
A couple of days later
“Finally! A Saturday!” I sighed happily.
“Zack, Zack!” Blackie shouted flying towards me.
“Hey Blackie, whatsup?” I asked.
“I know who Finarx is,” He said urgently.
“OMG! Who is he?” I asked, curious.
He responded, “ Jack Teivel, heard of him?”
My face turns pale. My eyes are filled with shock.
“No, it can’t be…” My eyes are filled with sadness
Blackie put his paw on my shoulder, “You know him, don’t you…”
I put on a straight face and cold eyes. I am not leaving a trail of sadness on my face. “It doesn’t matter, he will pay for his actions”.
“What is your relation with him?” Blackie asked.
I ignored him and said “I’m gonna go tell Diva,” I walked inside my house.
Blackie sighed and thought, “ I wonder why that person means so much to him…”
At Diva’s house
“I can’t believe I had to tell my parents… Zack’s gonna be mad…” I thought.
Knock knock
“I’ll get it!” I shouted.
I opened the door to find Zack, looking scary. “Uhhh, Zack?”
“I know who Finarx is,” He said.
I gasped “Who?”
“Jack Teivel,”
I gasped again, “I am so sorry…”
He closed his eyes “It doesn’t matter,”
“And uhh, my parents figured it out,”
He opened his eyes “Eh, don’t worry, even I had to,” He responded.
Diana appeared, “We gotta go, It’s urgent, Finarx has…some new companions,”
“Diva maybe you should go without me,” He said choking on his words.
“Zack! I can’t do this alone! I know he is your cousin and best friend but there’s nothing we can do, now get up and show up!” I said to him strictly.
He said “Okay,”
At the battlefield
“Finarx, You just don’t give up do you?” Diva said annoyed.
“Give me the necklace and this will all be over!” Finarx said, “You’re being stubborn by not giving them!”
I said, “Listen up, we’re not giving our necklace to a person like you,”. I was breaking down.
Diavante put her hand on my shoulder.
I attacked, I channelled my emotions and attacked him with all my strength.
He attacked too, with his companions. Diavante joined in, to help me out.
The problem was, that it wasn’t just 1 person helping Finarx. There were at least 7 more people who were helping him.
All of them were focused on one thing- Our necklaces.
“Why do you want our necklaces?”
Finarx signalled them to stop. “You see, we all are absolutely fed up with you superheroes. I want your power! You see, the first time we met, I was shocked, because I had killed the previous Diamonte and Diavante Noir-,”
Me and Diavante gasped.
“Wait, I wasn’t finished. I didn’t know at that time that to get your powers, I didn’t have to kill you, I had to take your necklaces,” Finarx said, coldly.
“Listen, Buster, you want powers, you gotta earn ‘em,” Diavante said rudely.
“Yeah I know that missy, but I ain’t got time for that,”
Diavante muttered something inaudible.
Finarx chuckled and made a move for my necklace. I shot a diamond in his arm.
“Come any closer and there’s more where that came from,” I said, warning him.
He looked at his companions and nodded. That’s when I blacked out.
My eyes fluttered open, finding myself in an unfamiliar place. Slowly the memories of what had happened came back to me.
“Finally you’re awake!” Diavante said rushing to me. “They’ve trapped us in this room and they’ve taken out necklaces!”
“Oh no,” I said, “That means…”
“One, yes he can use our powers and 2, he knows our identities,”
For a few minutes, there was silence.
I asked, “What was he like when he looked at me?”
“He was upset…but he shook it off saying ‘it doesn’t matter,” She told me.
“Ok,” I said, “You have a bobby pin?”
“Yeah, been there, done that. It works with fingerprint or id card,”
“Hmm,” I said thoughtfully. “ Maybe we can break the windows?” I said unsure.
“There are no windows. They’ve taken us underground. We’re trapped… Unless we steal his id card-”
“And use it to escape!” We whispered at the same time.
2 hours later
We both nodded at each other
I ran to the other side of the room “WE’RE READY”
He opened the door. Diva pulled him inside and shut the door.
He opened his mouth to say something but I quickly put my hand over his mouth.
“Find his ID Card!” I exclaimed.
“You do that, I’ll use these extra clothes they gave us to cover his mouth and tie his hands and legs,”
“Alrighty,” I said. I searched all of his pockets but couldn’t find an ID Card.
“Diva, I can’t find it…”
“You’ve checked his socks?”
“Oh good idea,” I said. “Ewwwww!” I said feeling pukish. “When did this dude last wash his feet?” I thought backing away. Then I notice there was some white shiny thing peeking out of his sleeve.
I quickly pulled it. “Found it!” I said softly.
“Good, let’s go,” She said
We sneaked out of the room.
We tiptoed across the corridors and found a door which reads “Boss” In big bold letters, and below that, on a gold plate, you can see his name ‘Finarx’ Written in black.
Then we heard footsteps. We quickly hid in a corner out of sight. Some man knocked on Finarx’s door.
“Boss! They’ve escaped,”
Finarx responded, “Come in here so that we can talk,”
He opened the door and the man went inside.
Diva quickly rushed to the door so that it didn’t close completely. She signalled for me to come.
We pushed the door open to find Jack Teivel sitting on a chair.
“Well brother, it all comes down to this,”
“Why Jack, why?” I asked him.
“I’ve already told you before bro,”
I sighed “Well then, I hope you forgive me for this,”
Diavante passed my necklace. I transformed into Diavante Noir.
“How?-” He said shocked
“While we talked and your idiot partner was listening to us, Diavante took the necklaces from your table,”
“You little-”
“Yeah thank you, thank you I’m amazing~” Diavante grinned
I started at him
Diavante did too.
“Your name is Ninja Go?”
He turned a shade of red, embarrassed. “No it isn’t, Now let’s get on with this, shall we?”
“Are you sure?” I raised my eyebrows, “You wanna harm the person who is your family?”
For a second I could see his eyes with sadness. He blinked it away “I don’t have a choice, do I?”
I narrowed my eyes “It’s on then,”
He pounced. I ducked and he banged into the door.
His back was facing me so I attacked him, pinning him to the door, “Stop this, please,” I whispered to him.
He gulped, “I’m sorry bro, I don’t have a choice…”
“Is someone forcing you to do this?” My hands were on his neck.
He took a sharp intake of breath, “No,” He said, nervous.
“Ok Ok fine. My friend’s father forced me,” He said.
“Whose father??” I said getting angry.
“Spit it for goodness sake!” Diavante said.
“Jasmine’s dad,”
“Jasmine is my best friend!” Diavante gasped.
“You need to find out her location,”
“Wouldn’t this idiot know where his lair is?” She asked glancing at Finarx AKA Jack Teivel AKA Ninjago.
“He doesn’t have a lair missy,” He hissed.
She took a deep breath in, “You better keep your mouth shut. If you warn him na, you’ll never see the end of it,”
He nodded.
“By any chance, does he know our identities?” I ask
“Not yet, I’m supposed to report to him today,”
“Well then, not a word or else,” She makes the action of cutting her neck.
He nods.
“Well then, let’s go Diavante,”
“ By the way, it’s midnight,”
“Ugh,” Me and Diavante said at the same time.
We both parted ways. I teleported home to find Mom trying to dial someone.
“Mom, Dad?”
Mom and Dad turned around. They ran and hugged me, in tears.
“Where were you?” Mom said.
“Long story,” I said.
“We’re all ears,” Dad said.
I yawned “Look, I’m exhausted and have another mission so I have to get good bed rest. This storytime can wait,”
My parents sighed, “Can’t you just tell the police so that you don’t have to do this?”
“This is not anything related to the police! This is a threat to” I thought for a second “Never mind,”
My parents took me to bed and said goodnight.
The Next Day.
I woke up to Diva sitting on my bed
“AHHH!” I screamed.
“Okay calm down! Your parents allowed me to come here coz I told ‘em who I was,”
“Hurry up and get dressed so that we can go to Jasmine’s place,” She said
“Okayyy,” I said jumping out of bed
After he got dressed
“Took you long enough,” She said. She was sitting on my desk chair.
“Let’s just go,” I said ignoring her comment.
We transformed and leapt out of the window.
“Lead the way,” I said,
“Try to keep up,” She winked and started sprinting.
I sprinted after her.
Couple minutes later
“We’re here,” She said.
“Should we sneak in and attack?” I asked.
“I think we should,” She responded.
We went behind the house
“Diavante, there’s someone on the terris,” I said.
“It looks like that’s Jasmine’s mom,” Diavante said.
“Let’s swing up to that balcony. I’ll go first,” I said, swinging myself up with my handy stick. “All clear,” I said.
Diavante swung herself up.
“Shall I try to open it?” I asked.
She nodded
I checked if it was unlocked. It was unlocked, thankfully.
We stepped inside the house. I quietly closed the balcony door.
I gave her a mask and earphones so that we could talk without anyone hearing us.
“Well well, look who’s here!” A man’s voice said.
We lowered our masks.
“Why are you doing this?” Diavante asked.
“Hasn’t Finarx explained this to you? I am fed up with you superheroes! I want your power! I was the one who commanded to kill the previous Diamonte and Diavante Noir so that I could get their necklaces, but as soon as they died, their necklaces disappeared. Then I realised I had to get the necklaces of you while you were still alive. That’s where Finarx came into the story, ” He said.
Blackie and Diana whimpered.
“Finarx wouldn’t do this. Have you forced him?” I asked
He smiled “Finarx’s mum is in the hospital”
Diavante’s face was filled with shock and horror “Diamonte, he is the owner of __ hospital…”
I gasped “ You monster! You threatened to kill his mother if he didn’t do this, am I right?”
His smile widened “Exactly!”
That was when I lost it
It was like a beast mode. Some switch inside me just turned around. I didn’t know what was happening! It was all a blur.
Then everything went black.
I woke up to find myself lying in my bed,
“What happened?” I thought. I sat up, to find Diva sitting on my desk chair.
“Finally you’re awake!” She exclaimed, “I was getting worried that you wouldn’t wake up. I told your parents you fainted because of the heat outside,”.
“Fainted? Okay, what happened? We were at Jasmine’s house talking to her dad!”
“Zack…” She said trailing off.
“What happened?”
“You attacked Jasmine’s dad… He was greatly injured… He’s in the hospital,”
“What!” I exclaimed “I-I wouldn’t do that! I CAN’T do that…”
“You did, but don’t worry, no one except I saw it. After you attacked him, you blacked out so I had to teleport us to your place,” She informed.
“Oh, sorry for all the trouble. You should go home now.” I told her.
“ Eh, no big deal. Anyways I’ll be off now. Cya!” She waved.
“Cya!” I waved back.
A couple of days later at school
I entered the school and I saw Jack Teivel.
Jack walked up to me, “What the heck did you do!” He shouted, which made everyone stare at us.
“Okay maybe we can talk somewhere-”
“We can talk right here. So tell me D-”
I put my hand over his mouth “Don’t you dare,”
Everyone was still staring at us.
Diva walked to us, “Listen here, Jack. This is no place to talk!” She said, “Zack’s house after school, kay?”
Jack grumbled and left.
I nodded at her in thanks and walked out.
At Zack’s house.
“HONEY! JACK IS HERE!” Mom shouts.
“SEND HIM TO MY ROOM” I shout back
“OH DIVA IS HERE TOO,” Mom shouts again
“JUST SEND HER TO MY ROOM!” I shout once again.
Once they reached Zack’s room
“Okay Diamonte, do you realise that he’s gonna kill MY mom?” Jack said, slamming my room door.
“Dude I don’t know what happened. Some sort of switch clicked on and I attacked him!” I told him.
“You should’ve just finished him off!”
“Jack! We’re all minors here, you know that!” Diva interrupted.
Jack sighed “I know…I’m just worried about my mom…”
“I understand,” I told him, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, “But you should have told someone about this!”.
“I couldn’t Zack! He’d know if I did,” Jack cried out.
My mom knocked on the door, “Guys, what’s going on?” My mom opened the door.
“Nothing Mom! Just chit-chatting,” I said, nervously.
My mom raised an eyebrow “Okayyy…” She closed the door.
“We need to do something about him!” Diva exclaimed, “We can’t have people like him running around!”.
Jack and I nodded in agreement.
“What do we do? We can’t just…You know. We also can’t tell the police,” Jack said.
“Maybe we frame him for committing a crime that would keep him in jail for a lifetime?”.
“There’s only one crime he has to commit to get him in jail for a long time…”
“Murder…” We all said at the same time.
“Is there anyone else’s life he’s threatening apart from your mother, Jack?” Diva asked
“Not that I know of,” He responded with a sigh.
“Then it’s time we find out!” I said
At Jasmine’s dad’s (Jacob’s) House
“C’mon,” I whispered into our microphones, “We have to sneak in and out, without getting his attention. Steal all of his documents. I’ll take his laptop,”
“Roger that,” Diavante and Finarx said, whispering into their microphones.
“He’s not in his room, right?” I asked.
“No, he isn’t. Let’s finish this,”
We quietly climb through the window. As soon as I grabbed his laptop, an alarm blared.
“Guys hurry!” I exclaimed.
We jumped out of the window and ran far away.
“Blackie! Teleport us to my room!” I panted, exhausted.
Blackie nodded and teleported us.
We changed back and started going through all the papers we got.
“Found a secret file!” Jack exclaimed, “But it needs a key..”
“Oh come on!” I exclaimed.
Diva slapped her forehead “ We have to go back there again!”
“I’ll go-”
“Zack, you can’t go right now… He would be in his room. Go tomorrow morning,” Diva told me.
“Or we could just make a copy of the key!” I exclaimed.
“How are we supposed to do that?” Jack asked.
“Well…My dad has a 3D Printer in his office,” I smiled
Jack and Diva grinned.
After making a copy of the lock’s key
“Well, time to see if this works!” I said
I put the key inside the lock and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and slowly turned the key. I heard a click.
Cheers erupted from our mouths. We high-fived each other and took out the papers.
“He’s literally searched on our history!” Diva exclaimed.
I shook my head “ He likes to be prepared, by looking at all these papers of different people…”.
“ Hey, I got it!” Jack exclaimed, “ There’s this guy named Ricardo Di Angelo who he has recruited-,” He gasps.
“What happened?” Diva asked.
“He’s hired someone to hunt us!” Jack said nervously.
Diva and I looked at each other.
“ Has he threatened someone to do the work for him?”
Just then, my phone started ringing.
“Who is it?” Diva and Jack asked.
“Unknown number,” I answered them, picking up the phone.
“Hello?” I said.
“Why hello Zack! I see you’ve stolen my files…That’s not nice is it,”
“How did you get my number?” I asked, shocked.
Diva and Jack must have realised who I was talking to and were gaping. I put the phone on speaker.
“Okay listen, I have gotten Ricardo Di Angelo to capture your parents. If you want them back, come to my house within 2 hours,”
He cut the phone.
“Argh!” I shout and throw my phone across the room. Diva catches it and puts it on my table.
“We have to go NOW!”
“Zack we can’t just go! We’re not strong enough!” Jack said.
“We only have 2 hours!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation
“Yes, 2 hours to go through these files! If we find out the people he is threatening, we could collect their families and fight him!” Diva explained calmly
I sighed, “Alright”,
30 minutes later
“Guys I think I found something,” Diva said.
She lays the paper on the table so that we could see.
“Sam Lynch,” I said out loud “A mass murderer working for Jacob by force… Jacob forced Sam to work for him by threatening Sam’s little sister, Seline Wolfe, an Interpol wanted thief…”
“Man, I hate to admit it, but he’s good,” Diva sighed.
“Any known family members?” Jack asks
“Let me see,” I pick up the paper, “Nothing on here, we’re going to have to search on the web,”
They nodded
I opened my laptop. I searched ‘Selina Wolfe’s known family members,”
I found a link “Should I open it?” I asked.
They gave me the look saying “Umm, Duh!” So I opened it.
As soon as I opened it, it said “RESTRICTED ACCESS. LOG IN HERE IF YOU HAVE ACCESS!”
Blackie emerged from my bag “ I can handle this, click the fingerprint option,” He pointed to a corner of the page,
I clicked it and it said ‘LOOKING FOR FINGERPRINT’.
Blackie put his thumb on the touchpad.
‘BEEP! VERIFIED,” The laptop dinged and the page opened.
We cheered.
I read out the site “ Known family members are Sam Lynch, Kayla Vi Lynch and Jonas Vi Wolfe,”
“Check where they live,” Diva commanded.
“Yeah yeah,” I said, searching Jonas Vi Wolfe and Kayla Vi Lynch.
The site read “The parents of Sam Lynch and Seline Wolfe stay in Oracle’s residence in Sydney.
“Oh thank god, they’re in Sydney!”, I said “They live in Oracle’s Residence,”
“Oh, my aunt lives there!” Jack exclaimed, “She’s really sweet. The guards know me so we’ll get easy access!”.
“We should go right now! We only have about an hour left!!
“Alrighty then,” I said, “Blackie! Teleport us!”
He nodded and teleported us to the residence.
We walked inside with no difficulty.
I walked up to the front desk and asked “ I need to know where Jonas Vi Wolfe and Kayla Vi Lynch live,”
The receptionist looked at me oddly, “They live in apartment 205,” She said, picking up her phone and dialling some numbers and saying something in a language I didn’t understand. Then she took out her diamond necklace from inside her shirt.
I then realised, my necklace looks the same.
She said “Good luck,”
I walked away.
At 205
I knocked at the door. A man opened it, “Yes?” He asked.
We had transformed in the lift.
“We need to talk with you and your wife,” Diavante said.
“Sorry, we don’t want to ta-,”
We barged in and sat on the couch.
“You’re gonna want to hear this,” Finarx said.
He sighed “Wait here,”
“Wait a minute, I forgot to ask, what happened to Finarax?” I asked Finarx
“I don’t know,” He bit his lip and looked down.
I felt bad for the guy. Then realisation filled me.
“Oh my it’s my fault isn’t it…” I said.
A woman who was probably Kayla, walked in with the man who was most likely Jonas.
“So, this is about your kids,”
“If this is about Seline, we know, she’s dead…” Kayla said.
We gasped, “She’s dead?!” We said at the same time, shocked.
“Wait, if you didn’t come here to tell us that, what have you come for,” Jonas stood up, pointing his gun at me. Kayla did the same, but she was holding 2 guns. One pointed at Diavante and one at Finarx,
“Wait! We’ve come here in peace!” Finarx cried out.
I gave Finarx a look saying ‘Let me handle this’.
“Do you want to take revenge for your daughter?” I asked them.
“ How can we take revenge? We don’t know who killed her!” Kayla exclaimed angrily.
“Oh, but we do!” I told them, “So, are you in or out?”
Kayla and Jonas looked at each other. They lowered their guns.
“What’s the plane?” Jonas asked.
I smiled.
We barged into Jacob’s house on Monday.
Jacob was sitting on the couch typing something on his phone. “Who’s there?” He looked up and was a bit startled to see us. He put down his phone and stands up. “Well well! What do we have here?” He smiled cruelly.
“Well, Fun time’s over Jacob,” Diavante said.
“It’s time for you to like, go,” Finarx said.
“You killed our daughter! If anyone should be off this planet, it should be you!” Kayla cried out.
Jacob snapped his fingers. A couple of men appeared,
I was ready. I shot a diamond into the ceiling. “I’d watch out if I were you,” I winked.
They pounced on me. I shot a diamond into someone’s arm.
The dude screamed and was breathing heavily.
Everyone stopped in their tracks.
“Back off or something way worse will happen,”
One of the men laughed “Like what?”
I took a deep breath
“Like this,”
I shot a diamond into Jacob’s heart.
Right after that, the police walked in with Jasmine.
Diva takes out some papers from her pocket, handed them to the police officer and signalled me to run.
So I did.
At Zack’s house
“What was I thinking?” I exclaimed to Diva and Jack.
“You did the right thing. The police arrested him and our names are cleared,” Jack said “And I was rewarded with money for my mom’s treatment!”.
“I’m really happy for you Jack, all I did was buy a new iPhone. Mine got so trashed up while fighting,”
We all laughed.
“I’m just saving up, in case I need it in the future,” Diva said.
“I can’t wait to fight our next enemy!”
Diva and Jack glared at me.
I chuckled “Too soon?”
“For sure,” Diva laughed.
“Give us a break!” Jack exclaimed dramatically, making us all laugh.

And so, that is our story.
Do you think it’s over? Or do we still have a part to play?

With Love,
Zack Pierce And Diamonte Noir.

October, 2023

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