The Omnipresent Rainbow

Sai Harshitha M, Class 6, Amberwood International School, Nellore

Brush strokes fly across the sky
On canvas for all to see
Shades unimaginable
On a sunny masterpiece
A blissful divine melody
A heavenly song for our hearts
But difference is, not for the ears
Its sung for the observant eye
RED the intense, crimson hue
The colour of the deepest blood
The fluid that flows deep within the veins
The colour that expresses the pain intensely
ORANGE the bright vermillion hue
The colour of the crackling fire
The thing that burns at lightest touch
The colour of long last victory
YELLOW the blinding amber hue
The colour of sunshine’s rays
The light to glow in the day
The colour of optimistic energy
GREEN the vibrant emerald hue
The colour of ever present nature
The calm that grows the world
The colour of togetherness in harmony
BLUE the light sapphire hue
The colour of the steady sea
The pulsing, moving strength
The colour of calm tranquillity
INDIGO the royal purple hue
The colour of blooming indigo
The deepest, richest dye
The colour of wisdom’s ability
VIOLET the juicy grape hue
The colour of fragrant violet
The flowerey, aromatic scent
The colour of imaginative creativity
A colourful arc, brushing through the sky
Up so high, without an end
Even underneath, colours blend
The omnipresent rainbow that will never bend


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