The Paradise Jungle

Diya Niranjini, Class 5, Pincushion Montessori International School, Vellore

Once upon a time, there was a magnificent forest called ‘Paradise Jungle’, where all the animals lived in peace and harmony.

Until one day, when the evil wizard of Geeze tried to mix all the animal species and turn them hybrid animals. After the news reached the jungle palace, Lion – The king of paradise jungle ordered his two royal guards, Zebra and Giraffe to go and stop the evil wizard of Geeze.

But they were late. A parakeet and a fish mixed up already and the two royal guards were awestruck!

Even before Giraffe and Zebra could move, a puff of purple smoke appeared and they were mixed up. This new hybrid animal is called a ‘Zeraffe’.

The wizard hummed and left paradise jungle, happy that his spell worked.

After a few days, Fikeet and Zeraffe felt lonely because they were unlike other creatures, until the day they met. They chatted for a while and found out they had a lot in common. From that day, they were best friends and met by the river everyday.

But they really did miss being in their original form. So, one day when they met by the river, Zeraffe started to talk. “Let’s go and meet the good wizard of Geeze, may be he can help us”. Fikeet replied “Yes ! Let’s go !”

So, the next day they met teh wizard and Fikeet told everything that happened because of the evil wizard. Zeraffe pleaded for a potion that would turn them back to their original form.

After few seconds, the wizard came holding a shiny bubbly potion. Then he told, “This potion tastes horrible, but you must drink it if you want to go back to your real form.”

Zeraffe was the first to drink the potion. POOF ! In a cloud of pink smoke, Zeraffe is now a zebra and a Giraffe. Next it was Fikeet’s turn. She nervously took the bottle and drank it. In another cloud of pink smoke, Fikeet is now a Parakeet and Fish. The wizard swiftly put the fish in a tiny fish bowl for it to survive.

Now they want to stop the evil wizard of Geeze. So, all the four animals and the good wizard worked together and made a spell, that would stop the evil wizard.

The next day, the evil wizard came holding his wand. The good wizard cast the spell with his wand. The evil wizard fell down and turned into ashes.

All the animals were so happy that their enemy was destroyed forever. the entire paradise jungle celebrated their heroes – The good wizard, Giraffe, Zebra, Parakeet and Fish.

The Lion king appreciated these five heroes and rewarded them. They all lived in peace and harmony again.


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