The Pigeons Return

Adit Sai Gupta, Class 3, Sparkling Mindz, Bengaluru

In my home a family of pigeons were living, there was a mother and her two chicks. They lived in my balcony. The pigeons made their nest on top of some plants which was near a wall.

Their colour was grey like the dark rainy clouds. The mother’s claws were red her beak was big and red almost like blood like. Her eye’s were red big wide and open. She was fat and healthy.

The baby’s claws were brown but their beak was small and black. There eye’s were always closed black and thin. Soon however, the chicks grew big and became fat healthy like their mother.

The Mother layed some more eggs they hatched, but one of them fell out of the balcony. The mother was sad but she still consoled herself as one baby was still with h her. The baby soon grew up.

The mother was smart, she thought that when she went to get food an eagle might take her baby so she always covered the baby with sticks to hide them.

The baby grew big, he was scared on his first day of flying but slowly by slowly it learned and flew away.

The mother was left alone but after some days she layed more eggs these eggs hatched too. The baby ’s were sad they had no brothers, they watched their mother and learnt how to get food and soon got food for themselves . Then one day they left the family too. The mother was very sad she flew to another place unknown.

After few weeks I saw another pigeon occupied her nest and layed her eggs there. She was not however very smart and did not hid her baby’s with sticks.

After coming from school I used to check if the pigeons were okay ,but that day the pigeons where missing I was very sad . That day when she went to get food for the baby ’s an eagle had took the baby’s away.

Few months passed one day few pigeons returned with a baby eagle at my balcony ! then I realised and smiled thinking that the pigeons and eagles had become friends. Perhaps the same baby’s which I thought the eagle had eaten, grew with the eagles family. Reminded me of the movie Jungle Book, where Mowgli was raised by a pack of wolves. I could not help but smile at nature.

The pigeons continued to live in my balcony. I made a small house for them with the help of my father. In morning they went in search of food before I woke up, but in evening they were there to greet me when I came back from school. They are now my best friends, children’s best friend.


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