The Saviour

Aditya Murudkar, Class 5, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

I started the recording on the camera and introduced myself. I explained about my new invention. I mailed the footage to an advertisement office. I plonked into my favourite blue recliner. Suddenly, the phone rang.

It was my old commander from the navy. I had assumed the position of a major before retiring and becoming an environmentalist. He said that he needed help. I told him that I would do whatever he needed me to do as he had saved my skin a dozen times while we were on bodyguard duty in Monte Carlo. He told me that he needed me in the waters, and he had a team ready for that. After a while we were underwater. He explained that there was a power source underwater that had been dropped by an aircraft a day back. He said that his best men tried to recover it but returned unsuccessful and extremely ill. I strapped on a pressure suit and went out into the ocean.

Everything was scary underwater, from creepy glowing plankton to fierce sharks. The cold steel of the suit sent chills down my spine and made the experience worse. After some time, I found a blue glowing box. The moment I touched it, a force field took action, and my coms screen showed a revolving skull- the symbol for no connection. Suddenly a voice said- “Run away from this world, whoever hears this. Take the rest of your race with you. Unseen forces are working behind the scenes.” A pause. “But if you are brave and have always been ready to stand on your feet, go to the following address and claim the gifts that are your rights: Maple Leaf, E- 1320, India. And suddenly I could feel the cold sweat running down my neck and hear the commander shouting in earpiece. I brought the box to the sub and the commander thanked me. He dropped me off by the land and I went home and turned on the TV.

It showed robots attacking Supercity Mall. I rushed down the stairs at breakneck speed. The moment my feet hit the ground I rushed to Maple Leaf Apartments and went up the lift. I barged my way through flat 1320. Nobody was there. There was another blue glowing box. I touched it and suddenly a suit coated me and a huge blade with nuclear power came in my hands. Its glow lit up the room. The suit was deep purple, medium purple, dark blue and grey. The sword was light blue and dark grey. It had a grey shuriken at the start of the grip, hanging from thin elastic material.

The moment the suit took place, I knew something. I would value the gift given to me and save humanity. I would unleash an attack the like of which had never been seen before upon the robots. I stepped out onto the battleground, and took out my sword, which was eager to destroy the opposing force.


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