The Sea Witch

Liam David Alves, Class 6, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

It was a sunny day in May, I was at the beach parasailing at super high speeds. I was going further and further away from the beach, then, I heard a click! I fell into the sea with a SPLASH!!! I was underwater. Fortunately, I could swim. Unfortunately, I was out in the sea and I didn’t know how to get back to the beach. I saw something. The back of it looked like an eel, it had a barracuda’s body, and teeth like a humpback whale. It was the size of a full-grown blue whale! Then it came closer, and closer and then it was right in front of me. “I am Liam, I come in peace”. I said, I was about to faint, but then it said, ‘Hi I’m Bob, an eelacuda. Right then, I fainted. I woke up with a shock, literally! Bob shocked me with his eel tail!! I thanked him for helping me. I asked him, “Hey how can you understand me since I am underwater and how can you speak English. ? He said “Just hold on. He came back with an oxygen-helmet and a tank. He said he said “I used to be human” “How are you a fish?” “The sea-witch.” He said. The way he said “sea-witch” was so casual, like everybody knew about her. “Who?” I asked ‘Everyfish (I guessed it was everybody in fish version) knows about her, she is angry because she wants the whole sea to herself” “Let’s get you human again.” I said “Cool!! He said “But how will we do it’ He added. “Simple.” I said “We gather an army. We will make her undo all her magic. Get all the fish” I added In a few minutes we gathered. (Apparently, fish are very gossipy, don’ts tell one that.) Our plan was, that Bob and I enter her lair and the rest flank her from around the lair, when she refuses…We strike. When we got there, we carried out our plan. “What do you want from me?” She said. Her voice was so cold. You could tell she was evil. “Undo all your magic.” Bob and I spoke. “No.” she said. “We’re not asking.” we said. “Make me.” She said. “Okay” I said. She said “You and what army? “This army” I said. “Oh, you have one” she said. “Oh yeah.” I said (that was the signal to attack) We went for her. In a few minutes she said “I surrender! “Then she said ” I hereby undo all my magic “And Bob was human again! Suddenly we heard a helicopter. I swam up and saw the search and rescue team in their chopper. We were saved! As we were getting into the helicopter, I had a weird feeling which words can’t explain…Something wasn’t right…We were going the wrong way! I was about to ask the pilot I heard the sea-witch’s voice. “You have reached your destination, my real lair.’ The End…. For now.

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