The Streets of Ganeshotsav

Aarav Bader, Class 9, Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

The festival fervor lurked on the streets of India as the Ganeshotshav was approaching. The streets are adorned with kaleidoscopic fairy lights infusing the city with life. The colossal Ganpati idol attired in scarlet plush silk and bejeweled in dazzling ornaments was the curtain raiser. The god rests upon an ornately carved peacock emblem chair. The pandal is thronged by ardent devotees,amassing by the moment, singing nonchalantly plous bhajans. The bhakts shoving and jostling in the serpentine queue to sought the divine’s blessings and forgiveness. The frenzied devotees danced in the mirth of enjoyment during the idol march. The energetic devotees planked the bell vigorously.

An array of mouth-watering flavorsome modaks sweetened the mouths of the devotees. The blaring music scuttled through the balmy breeze. The devotees were in awe as they basked in the cultural event of graceful dancing, talented performances, festive food and traditional music. The spectacle of firecrackers illuminated the sky. Devotees broke into tears as the overwhelming emotion sank into them at the stroke of midnight.


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