The Surprise

Shiza Arshad Gulzar, Class 2, Bridge International School, Kolkata

For many years, people just believed that dragons, Fairies, mermaids, wizards and witches were not real. But this story you shall read is real. In a normal town called Hing-Ching in Japan, there lived a woman. She longed to have a boy or a girl. Soon she had baby girl. It was the happiest day for her! She named her baby Katie. Katie loved to read fairy tales.

So many years passed, Katie was sixteen. Accidently she broke a glass vase. But she always said the truth. She told mom. Mum scolded her and shouted. “YOU ARE SOCARELESS! DO YOU EVER TRY NOT TO BREAK VALUABLE STUFF! YOU ARE NOT FIT TO LIVE HERE! PACK YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE. I DO NOT WANT YOU, GO.” “But mom” – Katie started. ” I DO NOT WANT YOU LEAVE! ” Mom said. In Hing-Ching there is a Forest known as the Forbidden Forest. It is called so because once hikers went into the forest. Some of them died. Katie did not know this. She was in danger. She entered the forest. Oh no! But she felt happy. She started to sing sweetly.”

Na, na, na, I’m so happy. Oh SO happy. Sing with me. Na, na, na, I’m SO happy, Feel so magical”, she sang. “Magical did someone say magical, Oh! My name is Jerbel. Whats yours?” said a fairy “My name is Katie”, she said happily. Suddenly another fairy came wearing a tiara. “Hello, Welcome to Mystical Island. My name is Ishai. I am a fairy princess. I have been looking for someone. I am lonely in my castle would you like to be my sister, Katie?” said Ishai. Oh yes! And how do you know my name? asked, a surprised Katie. “Oh yeah Jerbel told me” Ishai said. “And come here …. Alohara. Wings came. A wand appeared in Katie’s hand. “Thanks” and they met the queen. They happily ever after.


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