Shrestha Sharma, Class 8, The Orbis School, Pune

These peculiar lands had once been known,
Now I watch them, all bare and lone.
Sand all around; not a person to see,
The clock ticked once, long gone were those months.
These smiling faces had once been sad,
Now I watch them, happy parents, their lassie and lad.
Fights there were before, of love and of gore.
The clock ticked twice, hell became paradise.
These rotten flowers once bloomed too,
Now I watch them, thirsty for dew.
Sunshine lit them in their good, ol’ days.
The clock ticked thrice, rain was ice.
This blazing sun had once been lonely,
Now I watch him, one but not only.
Lighting the masses yet his friends were far,
The clock ticked frice, solitude became lies.
The clock, bearer of the mighty time,
Ticks for me, for you, all the fine.
Some moments are bright, some others are blue,
You see once close, it’s all the same for me and for you.


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